Help Problem with HTC Desire


I was watching tv a few hours ago and picked up my (unbranded) phone to text a friend but the phone said no service. This has happened a few times and is usually fixed by turning Airplane Mode on and off. I put the phone into Airplane Mode and tried to turn it off again but it wouldn't switch off. The phone then decided to reboot itself. When the home screen loaded up again, I went into settings and the phone was still in Airplane Mode. Without warning, the phone rebooted itself again. I removed the battery and re-inserted it so I could do a hard reset. Now, Airplane Mode is off but the phone is showing "No Service". I have a contract with T-Mobile UK and usually have full signal. I've tried my SIM in my old phone and it's working fine so I don't think it's a network issue.

Is anyone else having the same or similar problems?


My wife had exactly the same problem with her brand new wildfire last week. Turned out to be the sim card. We went and brought a new pay as you go, loaded it with