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Is this a common problem

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Hi friends,
I am new to this forum. I am posting this i didn't find any threads related to my problem. I am from India purchased this SGS2 two months back(October). Network provider i am using here is Tata_Docomo(GSM). Problem is when i am using the internet after some time the network symbol will get disappeared and i will lose the internet connection. And after some time it will reappear again, but this will happen rarely. Most of the time i will lose the internet connection and i will go to mobilenetworks in settings and disable and enable the packet data service again to get the connection back. Internet connection i am using is 2g. I tried to activate 3g but that is not enabled yet. But that is a different problem because i found in google that tata docomo 3g activation is not working properly and their customer support is very poor. My OS is ICS4.0.3. Is the internet connection problem because of the OS?. will it get rectified if update the OS to jellybean?. Expecting replies with good solutions.

Warm Regards