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Problem with maps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bluephenex, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. bluephenex

    bluephenex Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi hope someone can help. My daughters phone has a problem with the maps and location widget. When she click on the maps or location it comes up at the top map update required. This happens all the time. Have been in touch with HTC and they said to restore the phone but it did not work. They took the phone away and when she got it back it was still the same. Has anyone got any suggestions. Many thanks Andy

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  2. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    The Locations app is the stock HTC map app. There's also an app called Maps (which is Google's) and, on mine, another also called Maps, which is provided by Orange. I'll assume you're referring to the HTC Locations app and not any other.

    First thing to try if you haven't done so already, Menu > Settings > Location > Reinstall

    If that doesn't work, connect the USB/data cable from your phone to a computer that's linked to the internet. On the phone, select the 'Internet pass-through' option. The 'Internet pass-through' option seems to help in bypassing some download problems. (Ensure you have an internet connection by turning off Wi-Fi and Mobile data, and connect to a webpage.)

    Then, in Locations, Menu > Get more > Select Download maps (3rd icon along from the bottom) > Europe > Select the map you want to download > When you get the 'Connection options' screen, select 'Download via Wi-Fi or cable only' and follow the instructions accordingly. It will probably take a while to download as together the stock UK/Ireland/France maps are about 1.5GB in size.
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  3. bluephenex

    bluephenex Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for the reply. As you said i had all ready tied to reinstall the location app but did not work. Will give the data cable a try tonight when i get in from work. Will let you know i get on. Many thanks again Andy
  4. bluephenex

    bluephenex Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi there just to let you know that doing the internet pass through did not make any difference. It is still saying map update required when she clicks on the maps or the location widget. Thanks again Andy
  5. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    Were you able to successfully download the maps?

    Where did your daughter get her phone from?
  6. bluephenex

    bluephenex Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes we got the maps ok. But it is still saying map update required when we click on maps or the location widget. It has been sent back to HTC but when she got it back it was still the same. Cheers Andy
    PS it is from Vodafone
  7. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    Another try?

    You can do this via the USB cable connected to a PC or from your phone with ASTRO File Manager; you can get it free from Android Market.

    Go to the following directory on the SD card /.data/navigator/Data/Temporary and delete its contents, i.e. the contents of the 'Temporary' folder, not the folder itself. Power down the phone, remove battery for 30 seconds, then power it up.
  8. bluephenex

    bluephenex Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi thanks once again for your help but she has sorted it her self. After all the hassle of sending it back to HTC. All she done was down load voices for the maps and it has never asked for map update since. Cheers Andy
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  9. Toffymd

    Toffymd Lurker

    Hi bluephenex... my phone gets exactly the same problem with your daughter's. Could you please tell me which voices that she downloaded? I have try several ones but still getting the map update notification..
  10. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    If you're in the the UK, I would think it's all of the English (Ireland, Scotland, U.K and US) Male and Female voices - eight in total. They're all part of the free, stock Map app.
  11. owler

    owler Lurker

    On my car panel the navigation prompt on the bottom of the screen has gone faded as doesnt work when pressed. Going to destination and choosing somewhere in the nearby option i get the plan set then a message to verify license. My options are....buy...voucher...sync license. This has always worked fine for me by now this happens. Was this just set as a trial period, am on contract with vodafone. What does 'sync license' mean?

  12. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    You're right, you only get one month's free trial, after which you need to pay to use it.

    'Sync license' will verify the license information held on HTC's database with the IMEI of your phone. Should you have to reinstall the app on your phone, it will recognise your phone as the rightful owner of a license, i.e. the license is phone specific; you won't be able to transfer it to another phone. So if you cough up

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