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Problem with messages...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cookie8462, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Cookie8462

    Cookie8462 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Since I installed the update, my messages dont seem to appear correctly...

    It doesnt auto scroll to the last recieved message, just remains at the top, so i have to scroll through to the bottom which is incredibly frustrating.

    Then whenever i used to open the keyboard to type out a reply, the message stayed rooted above the keyboard, so i coudl see the message I was replying to...

    This is really quite annoying.

    Is anyone have the same problem, and is there anyway to fix it or get it back to how it was?

  2. HighFlyer

    HighFlyer Lurker

    Im having the same problem, i dont know of any fixes for this either.

    I have heard an update will be released at some point to fix this issue, when i dont know :(
  3. TireBurner

    TireBurner Lurker

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  4. Cookie8462

    Cookie8462 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Nice to know its not only me haveing this problem...

    I'm sure they'll patch it soon enough :D
  5. saabuldin

    saabuldin Lurker

    im also having this problem with my legend. I tried Handscent SMS and its a brilliant app. Much better then the built in sms app. So i will be using Handsent SMS from now.

    P.S This app does not slow phone down at any point at all and its got tonnes more features. You will only find out when you try it.
  6. alfa_Scud

    alfa_Scud Lurker

    AArrrrgghhhh I came back off holiday last night to receive an update message on my phone & after updating found exactly the same thing.

    Not happy now, the phone seemed to be working fine (other than the usual can't register location for weather thing - has that been sorted yet?), now it's annoying to have to scroll through all the texts.

    Is Handsent SMS an Android Market app?

  7. heza

    heza Lurker

    Mines is exactly the same.

    Done the update then when you open messages you have to scroll to the bottom to see your message. Really annoying if you have loads of messages on your phone :mad:

    Hope they'll be able to sort out the problem soon!

    Does anyone know if you can reverse the update?
  8. MARCoUS

    MARCoUS Lurker

    mine to, updated software yesterday and now have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread.
    i have emailed HTC support, so will post there reply here if/when i get it!
  9. MARCoUS

    MARCoUS Lurker

    HTC's prompt response below:

    Regarding your messages being displayed as oldest to newest instead of the newest to oldest. HTC are aware of this problem thats been caused in there update, and will be releasing a fix for this issue soon. I have informed the escalation team, but as of yet nobody can do anything (software related) to fix this issue. All i can suggest is to either wait until the update/fix arrives for your phone, or if it is a major problem, we can book your phone in for a repair which will fix this issue, but rollback your phone software to 2.1 Aside from this, the update was to improve overall performance of the device, support HTML5 and Flash on the internet, and to imporve the stabililty of sending/receiving texts.

    I've now installed "handcent SMS" (alfa_Scud, yes its in the market!)
  10. nolook

    nolook Newbie

    i had this problem but installed 'sms time fix' from the market to fix it for now...
  11. Cookie8462

    Cookie8462 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This still not been patched?
  12. m0nkeyprince

    m0nkeyprince Lurker

    I have the same problem :/ dam it, its annoying cuz i have a couple hundred texts i have to scroll down in order to view the most recent. although the widget shows the most recent one, i would like to see the message while typing my response
  13. moo_ski_doo

    moo_ski_doo Lurker

    Nearly 2 months on and still no fix for the sms bug :mad: This is really annoying me now! I've emailed HTC about it twice as I'm sure hundreds of others have but they pretty much ignore it, despite having plenty of time to spend on developing and releasing new products. Bad HTC.
  14. Tall_Philly

    Tall_Philly Lurker


    I have a HTC Legend and update my phone (to 2.1update-1) on the 3rd October 2010.

    I am now experiencing the same problem as above where the default message app displays the messages, from the first recieved to the last being at the bottom. This means that I have to scroll down (hundreds) of texts every time I receive another.

    Does anyone have any up-to-date information on this problem? any patches in the pipe line? Is it only the HTC Legend? I have seen a HTC Desire running the same version (2.1update-1) and it works fine.

    I was considering deleting all messages and starting again but after starting to text a new number from scratch, the messages still sort first to last! so I am now skeptical that this will work.

    People have recommended third party apps but I am unsure how safe these are!? i.e. can some program actually access the messages on the phone via the internet connection? What are peoples opinions / preferences?

    Also, can anyone point me to info or tell me how I would go about backing up SMS messages to the computer? is it possible via HTC Sync? Then, I would like to revert back to v2.1 (no update), is this possible without sending it off to HTC?

    Thanks for reading and for any help :)

  15. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Member

    Im sure that now everybody is like in a paranoia - terrorist everywhere, internet hackers even in my gps navigation, everybody is very interested in what i text to my gf 'i want some pancakes for dinner today', etc..

    Just install Handcent sms app and live happily. Don't worry about some noob reading what u text - it will not happen. And even if it did - whats the difference?! You really think somebody is interested that you or your girlfriend/boyfriend got stuck in a traffic jam this morning? :)

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but people... You should really stop being so paranoid :) If an app was not safe, I dont think 500,000 people would have downloaded it already :]

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