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Problem with micro SD card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by robertobrussel, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. robertobrussel

    Thread Starter

    I’m a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 16 GB but I have one question.
    My phone memory is divided into two memories : system storage (2 GB) and usb storage (12 GB). I just bought a 32 GB micro SD card (class 10).
    My question is why in programs like “Advanced Process Manager” or “Super Tools” I cannot see the micro 32 SD card when I want to see the available memory ? The internal usb storage (12 GB) of my phone is considered as SDcard but in reality it should be system storage or phone storage. In those programs I have also the function “copy to SD card”. When I want to use it the programs are not moved to the external micro 32 GB SD card but to my phone usb storage (12 GB).
    I would like to install gps software (iGo) with maps but they will be installed into my internal usb storage and not to my external micro 32 GB SD card. In that way my phone memory will be quickly full. I don’t understand why I cannot see the external micro 32 GB SD card with android programs and why when I install something it goes to the internal usb storage of my phone.
    Can anyone help me …

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  2. theelo

    theelo Newbie

    It's an odd naming and looks like no one had figured out what were they thinking when they named them like that. The folder names are weird too (sd_card for a system folder containing external_sd folder).

    Why you can't see the 32GB memory is beyond me. It should show up just fine in any file browsing application. I have a 16GB PNY class 10 and it works just fine. I don't have “Advanced Process Manager” or “Super Tools” installed so I can't tell if they work or not. Maybe there's an option to change the default path to the "sd card" in those softwares' settings?

    From what I know, iGO is not available for 1280x800 resolution and installing any lower res version will not look too good. My advice is to wait a little for they to release a fully compatible version that will match the Note's resolution and functionality.

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