Dec 9, 2009
Is anyone else having problems with their mobile icon toggling on and off? Mine will not turn off... when I press it, it does its animation but stays green. Im not sure if the 3G is still on or not... I presume its off since i do not see the 3G icon in the top of the screen.
I have dealt with this occasionally. If you long press the physical end button then it pulls up a menu that lets you turn the network off. This works for me.
I've been having this issue with both my WiFi and Mobile Web toggles. At first I turned the mobile web on and off by long pressing the end button, but after a while that also stopped working. Soon after that, my WiFi toggle also went out. I then started going the long way through the menu, and that worked like a charm.

I finally removed the toggles and replaced them, that also did the charm.