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Problem with Music Box Pro...and every other music download app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AstronautROB, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. AstronautROB

    AstronautROB Member
    Thread Starter

    So I just had this new issue come up while trying to use Music Box Pro. Whenever I try and do any type of search or anything I always get this "Connection Error #1" error pop up. All my music that I have downloaded is still and everything, I just can't search or download anything new because of this error. My browser and mostly all other apps work with the internet, and I only say "mostly" because the only other apps that don't work are other music downloading apps (MP3 download, Music Junk, etc). All of them give me the connection error yet all my other apps/internet work fine.

    So here's what I've done...I deleted and redownloaded the app (now it's not on the market so I had to get the apk but still), I installed a totally different version of the apk (so at this point I actaully have 2 music box pros on my phone), I tried different apps, I tried both on wifi and 3G, tried mult wifi spots, I rebooted the phone battery pull etc all that basic t/s stuff (I used to fix phones).

    So short of a full reset/wipe I'm kind of out of ideas. So I thought if anyone could help out it'd be great. I don't know if I have missed anything and am just thinking that maybe "they" are blocking me? I've never had this issue before.

    Oh& I'm running 2.1 Rooted Sony Xperia.

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  2. iviarc0

    iviarc0 Lurker

    Me and my girlfriend are getting the same error message on music box. We also tried looking up songs on music junk and no luck.

    Maybe the feds cracked down on the sites hosting the songs

    I'm rooted running on ics on HTC Thunderbolt
    Girlfriend is on stock gingerbread HTC Thunderbolt
  3. AstronautROB

    AstronautROB Member
    Thread Starter

    Did you guys just start getting it like a couple days ago? Found any work around?

    That's what I was thinking, that they were "cracking down", it just seems confusing/interesting to me how they can specifically block one app or one type of app from connecting. The only thing I can think of, and this may be stupid, but if somehow they all work "the same way" or off the same servers maybe? And they just shut down those servers? I don't know but I really liked that app.
  4. iviarc0

    iviarc0 Lurker

    We just noticed it stopped working a few days ago. I haven't really been looking up a work around for it but if I find one I'll def let you know.
    It did seem like a lot of the songs were coming from the same servers so they might've shut those down.
    I might have to get songs the old fashioned way. Its a shame because those apps were pretty good and very convenient.
  5. NFLprincess

    NFLprincess Lurker

    Dang! I love this app. WTH? Everytime I fall in love with an app it dies. Lol
  6. intramorph

    intramorph Lurker

    First to answer your question. Music box still works but not for android. It blocks you from accessing the links and gives you error #1. I own 2 iPads and both still have the app up and running.I recently switched phones though. Now have the HTC one or Sense w/e you call it. And th eonly way to make those apps work is through proxy. IK it's a bit hard but if you love ur music-you'll do anything correct? that's it for now
  7. pteman

    pteman Lurker

    My apologies on my basic ignorance in using this forum - first time and I have already sent my initial try at a question into the ozone. Here goes number 2. This inquiry is directed primarily to Intramorph. My Droid X came loaded with Music Box App and I loved it until the first Android OS Updated. After that all attempts to download music were greeted by "error #1". I now would like to add Music Box Pro App to my Droid X, Nexus 7 II, and new Christmas Moto X. Accordingly, would like more detailed discussion/illustration how to set up Proxy Server to facilitate my android devices in downloading free music with the Music Box App. I am not a computer geek, yet, but I am an engineer and somewhat literate with computer usage, hardware and software. I have Laptops, desktop PCs, WiFi and my android devices to facilitate this effort. Any and all informtion or redirects of my reqest regarding setting up and implementation of this proxy server will be much appreciated. Thank you all. Pteman
  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    There's hundreds of one star Play Store reviews saying it doesn't work. Seems this app is very much dead and the dev isn't supporting it.

    Try Pandora, Spotify, Amazon or Google Music instead.

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