Help Problem with my 3G


Hey guys, I just picked up the Droid incredible. From the very moment I powered it on I have always had 1 bar or no bars on 3G. If I got 2 bars it was a very rare treat, actually i think i only saw it once or twice and ive been on it alot lol.

I actually lose 3G alot and it goes into 1X mode (not even sure what that even is) and even that its only 1 or 2 bars.

This is the first time having a smartphone but its not supposed to be this bad is it?

I mean..its a 500 dollar phone and I pay 30 bucks a month for internet I would have thought it to be better :(

any thoughts please would be great :)

awesome phone nonetheless :)

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I dunno if there is an error on bars showing but mine only shows 1-2 bars on average. A couple times I have seen it go to full bars. Some depends on your coverage area. I do have a tower less than a half mile from my house though and only show 1-2 bars but have great service. Verizon did switch my serice to hit a local Alltell tower which they took over and I had much better connectivity. Where I am at work at right now inside the building I will drop to 1X sometimes but overall, even with one bar and 3G the phone is blazing fast.


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Thanks for the respsonses guys :)

Either your phone is faulty or Verizon has very spotty coverage in your location.

ya know, I am starting to think its just my immediate area where I live. I can go 10-15 min away and a get full bars but when I sit in my driveway or house I lose my bars.

I guess there really isnt much I can do. I guess I should be thankful that I even get internet service heh;)


I have read that there is a problem with the bars on the phone not being an accurate estimation of your actual signal. That the only way to know your actual signal strength is to go to menu>settings>about phone>network