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Problem with my HTC Hero

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kidd51, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. kidd51

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    I did a root on this phone the other day and I tested it with the root check program that is on the market place, and I was going to try flash a newer Rom to the phone, but as it sits now I cannot do the Home and Power key to get into the Recovery screen, but I was able to do it the other day and I run a Nandroid backup and when I run the Titanium backup it woked fine but now it takes a long time to get to the screen for viewing and when it does, I just discovered that the system Rom bar near the bottom is showing 178 MB and it says I only have 5.16 MB Free, the Internal is 173 MB with 85.5 MB Free and the SD card is 3.95 GB with 3.50 GB Free. I am more than concerned with the amount that is only left in the System Rom, also I have no idea on how to correct this and how come the Recovery screen is not letting me get into it, all I get is a picture of a cell phone with a triangle and what appears to be an exclamation mark in it untill I pull the battery, it is not working now and it did when I did the root because I saved the information over onto my computer along with the Titanium information. So to say the least I need lots of help here , please.

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