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Problem with my replacement S3 from ATT

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by l1ld3v1lrydr, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    Received my replacement phone from ATT yesterday. Was having problems with my old S3 with it not fully charging, battery wouldn't last longer than 5-6 hours with barely using it. Among some other issues. Talked with ATT and the service guy got in my phone and was doing some test and determined to just send me a new one with what he had found.

    So as I said, received my new one last night. Backed up the old phone and installed it onto the new. Didn't get a chance to download any apps other than one or two. And headed to bed for the night. Put the phone on the charger as I always do (wall charger) and when I woke up in the morning it still wasn't fully charged. So, I left for work and threw it on the car charger, it went from around 85% to 90%. When we left the shop where I work, to go to the job site, I put the phone on the charger again to see if I could get it to fully charge. And left it on til around 930. The last I had looked the phone was up to 95%, and then when I got it off the charger it was back down to 85%. Took it off the charger and it actually said it went up to 88% after it was unplugged (not instantly). So I thought the hell with it. I'll use it like I usually do and see what happens. Well as I type this at 7pm, the new phone is already shut off dead. And before calling ATT I have bought a replacement battery because I thought it was the battery causing my issues. And the new battery didn't change anything. So now I have it on the charger again with it turned off to see what happens.

    That was one issue I'm having, the second thing I've been noticing is in my text messages. I'll send a text, and I'll get a reply from that person, and their reply will show up in the message above my original message. Example, I'll ask a question, and the answer will show above my question in the message window.

    Not sure what the deal here is. But I know when I called last week, the service guy I spoke with said I only had 17 days left on the warranty for the phone, and I wanna make sure this new phone is ok before I send out the old one.

    EDIT: another thing I was thinking of, but not sure it would fix anything. I know the service guy I spoke with said that 4.3 was officially released now, and the old phone said I was up to date, but this new replacement keeps popping up theres an update available. Yet I can only do it via Kies cause I don't have wifi, unless I go somewhere that has it (Mcdonalds), and Kies says both phones are up to date. So not sure what's going on there either. But I wasn't sure if downloading the update would help

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  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    The new update could be a fix for the old one.
    Give the phone a few days to "learn" the battery.
    Also, did you put the exact same apps from the old phone straight onto the new one? That would say to me that you have some bad apps.
    Try the app Wakelock Detector for a full discharge and see what it throws up :thumbup:
    The rest, i dont know. The sms thing is usually caused by carrier problems or maybe your clock being set to the wrong time
  3. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    No I didn't transfer the apps. I didn't get a chance to install/download any last night. And all I got today was Facebook, Brightest Flash light, Juice defender and maybe one more than that. But I was experiencing the issues I stated before I downloaded the apps.
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  4. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    And is there a way I can get Kies to upgrade the phone?
  5. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Tbh i dont know about US phones and kies sorry.
    Theres a thread in the app forum about brightest flashlight btw and i suggest you uninstall it instantly.
    TeslaLED is a good alternative :thumbup:
  6. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that heads up! I'll search for that other app tomorrow and delete this one!
  7. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    Still not completely happy with the battery life on my replacement phone. I switched back to the factory S3 battery that came with the phone, the aftermarket one I purchased wouldn't charge to 100%. With the set up I have now I was texting on and off today and the phone lasted from 630 am to about 2 pm and was at 3%. I replaced the SIM card today to see if that could've been a factor so we shall see how that plays out.
  8. TheQuicken

    TheQuicken Member

    No Dude...look at what apps you have disabled. The phone will search for other applications connected to the ones you disbled so that eats up battery life.
  9. l1ld3v1lrydr

    l1ld3v1lrydr Member
    Thread Starter

    What apps I have disabled? What do you mean? Factory phone apps or downloaded ones?

    And I replaced the SIM card and that didn't do a thing either. It's still dropped about 5% in an hour or two with out even turning the screen on.

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