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Problem with PC recognizing phone

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by psychometriko, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. psychometriko

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    I just switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 after using an iPhone for the past 8 years or so. So far my experience has been miserable. The most recent problem is that when I connected my phone to my PC (Win7 64-bit), the PC didn't recognize that any new device was plugged in, although the phone did start charging. I called VZ Protect since I purchased insurance on the phone, and the guy on the other end walked me through enabling Developer Options, which allowed me to change the USB mode from "Charging" to "Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)." Once I did this, my computer recognized the phone, downloaded the necessary drivers, and allowed me to start copying music onto it. Great!

    ...However, after putting maybe 50 or so songs onto the phone, I suddenly got this error message that said "Cannot copy [name of file] -- The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected." I then have the option to stop copying or skip the current file, and to apply that option to all remaining files. When this happens, no more songs will copy. (All songs I try to copy are MP3 or FLAC.) Of course, the phone was not unplugged, nor had the screen gone blank or anything else indicating that the phone was no longer operating. I called VZ Protect back and the lady suggested I try to restart the phone (genius idea...) and all we discovered was that when I did that, upon going back into the Develop Mode options, the USB mode was back on Charging instead of MTP. She suggested I go back to the store and swap the phone for a new one because this one is defective. Before going through that hassle, I wanted to check if anybody else came across this problem and, if so, what are some possible solutions? There's really two problems here: (1) the files not copying and (2) the USB mode reverting to Charging upon restarting the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    USB cable problem? Are you using the USB cable that came with the S7 or another, non-Samsung one? Charging but not showing USB MTP connected in notifications can actually be caused by a duff USB cable, also if you are using a non-Samsung cable, some cheapo ones are wired for charging only, and not data. The fact it seems to be intermittent and very unreliable, makes me think it could be the cable, also try another USB port on your PC as well.
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    Yes it is true as my esteemed colleague Mikedt stated more than a lot of people who run in to this problem automatically assume the worst when the problem is merrily a malfunctioning usb cable, in addition mikedt is well knowledgeable in mentioning that some low budget usb chords where made only to charge and not transfer data,so your best bet is taking his advice and if you don't mind me suggesting, to be on the safe side, download Samsung mobile usb drivers for Windows 7,if i remember correctly its needed to use certain Samsung devices on Windows 7.
    Great diagnostics mikedt.and psychometriko please post an update on the outcome of your situation.
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