Problem with phonenumber from phonelist


May 17, 2010
I have a problem with one of my contacts. When I go into the dialer, and start writing the letters to this contact, the only choice I have is the contact and the number with my country code in front of his number.

Only the country code, no "+" or "00", so when I try to call it can't recognise the number.

When I start to enter the first digits of his number the right number shows to the contact, and I can press and call that.

I tried to de-link the contact from Facebook, and that worked. But on Facebook he has just entered his number without any country code.

I have all my contacts linked to Facebook, and this number is the only one I have this problem with.

I also checked the number in my contact-list, and it shows as that wrong number, with countrycode in front, and when I try to edit it, it only shows me the actual phone number.
I get this too with my flatmate. I find that if i call her from a text message it connects fine, even though the number looks the same.