Dec 22, 2013
About 2 days ago Samsung Galaxy S3 did an update; the calculator changed a bit, you can add a background pic to the text message screen, a few minor changes, it seemed mainly cosmetic. However I have since noticed that if I leave my phone untouched for 2hours or more, the ringer, and only the ringer changes to vibrate.

I work 3rd shift and my boyfriend works 2nd shift, so I'm sleeping while he's at work and I leave my phone on in case of emergencies because we live together and his son is home with me. So I need my ringer to stop turning itself to vibrate.

I have gone over all of my settings and NOTHING should be making it do this all of a sudden. I've looked for more updates on my phone thinking it was a glitch in the update and so far there have been no more available updates. So does anyone know what is going on with my phone?