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Problem with Selected value in a Spinner

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by AbdouMike, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. AbdouMike

    AbdouMike Lurker
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    I have a big problem: When I fill a spinner dynamically with data from a table in a database and want to select a value, this value does not remain displayed, it disappears immediately. (and I only have the little arrow of the Spinner that remains displayed!). I use Android Studio 3.4.1
    Thank you for your answer that I hope very fast because I am stuck on this point for several days!

    (When the spinner is filled by a static list, there is no problem!)

    Best wishes


  2. Deleted User

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    If you could include your code here that would be a great help to solving your problem.
    Please use [code][/code] tags to nicely format any code you include.
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  3. AbdouMike

    AbdouMike Lurker
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    Firstly, I'm very sorry to answer you with some late (I was in travel and also ill).

    Secondly, The tutorial I try the follow and practice is :
    - https://androidjson.com/android-json-parsing-listview-php-mysql/

    Her's attached, the files that, I think, you need to understand my problem and try to resolve it:

    - select_niveau.php (To have the data from the table in Json Format)

    - The Acticity 'activity_interface_saisie_eleve.xml' that contains the Layout which contains : the spinners (3), and the Other components (It's Not 'The MainActivity' !)

    - interface_saisie_eleve.java (It contains another class 'GetHttpResponse', and in this last class, I populate the 'niveauList' List with the 'Niveaux' class (List<Niveaux> niveauList); And here also I Use the adapter 'ListAdapterNiveauClass' to populate the 'list_niveau_eleve' Spinner dynamicly with the data from the DB.

    - The 'Niveaux' class

    - The adapter : 'ListAdapterNiveauClass', Using the the 'layout_items.xml' Layout

    - The 'layout_items.xml' Layout

    The issue is that I can populate the 'list_niveau_eleve' Spinner with the data from the table . But the PROBLEM is that when I select a value in the spinner, this value DISAPEAR Immediatlly (It doesn't stay displayed in the Spinner! All I can see 'displayed' is the 'poor' arrow of the Spinner! .

    I noticed that the system ( https://androidforums.com/threads/problem-with-selected-value-in-a-spinner.1307185/add-reply) Accept Only the text Format as attached File, So I renamed all my Files :.txt (include: .php, .xml, .java)

    I'm at your disposal if you need more Information

    Thank you Very Much for your help and answer to solve the problem that I hope rapid, because I'm blocked with this Problem since 12 days!

    Best regards,

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