Help Problem with sound?


Let me first introduce my self, I will say I have a working knowledge of android as this is my second android phone. I was an early adopter of the G1 but hated Tmobile.

I have looked but cant find anything about my problem. I was tired of carrying around multiple devices so what attracted me to the samsung moment was the fact that it had a built in 3.5mm jack. I decided that I would use this as my phone, GPS and MP3 player. I am starting to regret that decision and might have to pick up another ipod touch or possibly a Zune HD because the sound quality I am getting out of the Moment is pretty poor when listening to Pandora (may be a bit rate issue) but its also poor using my music files IE: MP3's.

The sound comes out unusually "bass-e" if that makes any sense. It's the same in the car using the Aux port, FM modulator and my Philip headphones. I dont know if this is an Android issue or issue with the Moment because I didnt use the G1 for music because I hated carrying around that extra cord and charging whhile using MP3's didnt work.

Is there a way to access some sort of Equilizer <spelling? or preset settings for sound?


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First one to give me a good answer or way to solve my problem will get a google invite or google wave invite from me because to be honest I have extra invites not being used. just a way to give back to the community not to "bribe" people


In Pandora, there is an option for changing the audio quality from normal (default) to High. Made a difference on clarity, but the sound is still rather flat in both Pandora and the standard music player. I've tried it with a few sets of headphones, and they are all about the same (including the included ones).
I also have a samsung moment and have simular problem. the sound qualitys great out of the speaker sometime pandora takes a secound. My problem is sometime my ringer and notification sound is all the way up all the way but when i get a call or txt the sound doesnt work. so then i adjust the volume and it make no noises so then i have to keep rebooting till it works anyone have any ideas thanks, jeff


You are trying to get high quality sound out of a phone.
First mistake....
Same goes for an Ipod....LOL
I'm a musician and recording engineer/studio owner....
What you are experiencing is the same as almost every form of streaming media.
It's called "Digital Compression"
This gets me very frustrated as well, but what you have to understand is that the amount of information that would have to be transferred via the internet/phone/ etc... would be so high and would require a more powerful processor than the best PC's/Mac could handle to reproduce CD quality music.
It has to do with the D/A (digital to analog)converters in the phone, or any "micro" device....
Simply not possible....
My Ipod touch and Bose headphones still sound like dog ass to me compared to what music really sounds like when played on proper equipment. But, it does the job while I'm on the train or in the gym....
I'm sure there are a few apps that can enhance your sound quality, but don't expect miracles.
Just my .02....