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Problem with Superpad 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pbonnet31290, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. pbonnet31290

    pbonnet31290 Lurker
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    A few days ago I received a tablet SUPERPAD 3. I did a firmware change that went very well. Since two days after a crash and reboot, I have the following problem:

    - If I install applications after reboot, they disappeared and I return to the initial day of the crash.
    - Whatever I do, application installation, configuration, when I restart I always come back to the state the day of the crash.

    I tried everything:
    - Delivery of firmware via SD Card. It is clear that operations are recopy but on reboot it returns to the initial state
    - It is impossible to use the programs to reconfigure PC via USB. The keys to the passage in "communication with the pc" have no effect. I will return to recovery.

    I searched and tested all the possible solutions I've found on forums but nothing.

    It is as if the tablet had a backup system status at a given time and kept putting in place what we do.

    You it someone already encountered this problem? I can not find anyone who has had a similar problem.

    Fortunately, the tablet works, but no installation, configuration is retained.. I would just go back to firmware orgine.

    Sorry for the quality of my text in English and French but I'm using "Google translate".

  2. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    A couple of people have reported this recently and it sounds to me like a batch has gone out with either bad internal sd or just bad partitioning. You probably should contact your reseller first. The first solution would be to open the pad, remove the sd card and repartition it using a tool like Easeus. Then putting it back and re-flashing the firmware. You would need their permission to do this and keep the warranty intact. If you don't feel comfortable doing this you would want to talk to them about a replacement.

    I would not tell them you have flashed a new image.

    You can search the forum, there is a command to try from a terminal emulator, but so far i haven't read that it is working to well, but it couldn;t hurt to try it.
  3. std03088

    std03088 Lurker

    could someone tell me the type of external gps antenna so i can buy a new one?
  4. dart16

    dart16 Android Enthusiast

    I thought I had answered this one already???????

    ebay 'active gps antenna'. They are all the same, apart from the connector fitted to the end of the cable.. you want one with a MMCX connector....

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