Help Problem with "Wifi Direct" between HTC One X and Samsung Gs3

I have a HTC One X, with Android 4.0.3, HTC Sence 4.0, Software Number 1.29.862.11, HTC SDK API level 4.12, HTC Extension Version HTCExtension_403_1_GA_7, Kernal version 2.6.39/root@ABM041 #1/SMP PREEMPT, Baseband version 1.1204.105.14, Build number 1.29.862.11 CL62864 release keys, Browser version WebKit?534.30.

The problem I'm having is it doesn't seem to connect up via 'wifi direct' to a Samsung Galaxy sIII.

We both have it turned on and both show up on either device (either through push or pin) but the samsung says conecting while mine says invited for a very long time. Is there a fix for this?