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Problems after screen replacement

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SakkeMO, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. SakkeMO

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    So my good old 2013 Nexus 7 digitizer cracked, about a year ago. So it was almost a year without any use and a completely empty battery.

    Finally i ordered a replacement screen + digitizer from ebay (definitely not genuine), swapped it and at first everything seemed to work just fine, it boots up and display is working.

    Here comes the problems:
    - It wont always boot to desktop, it gets past google logo but leaves android logo/colors to loop to infinity until powered off, sometimes it boots up just fine and works.

    - When it doesn't boot and powered off, it powers on by itself.

    - When it actually boots up, i notice that lower speaker, near usb port doesn't work at all, sometimes makes a weird static noise when charging.

    - Sometimes it thinks its on charger when its not, displaying charging icon, no static noise from speaker though.

    - Also if it boots up to android, when idling (standby, screen off) it will power off and gets stuck to rotating android logo to infinity and doesn't boot, when screen on and being used it works as long as you use it and screen stays on.

    I have flashed it several times, it was on 5.0 lollipop when problem started, updated to 6.0 marshmallow as prompted update, no use. I have flashed both lollipop and marshmallow images several times.

    It seems to be some sort of hardware issue and something needs to be replaced, but where i should start? New screen+digitizer, whole motherboard, new battery maybe? Or some ribbon cable.
    This is not my daily driver anymore, more just a project waiting to be finished.

    I have been trying to work this over a month now without any successes, and no warranty anymore of course. I have checked several times all connections are fine, cleaned every contact with alcohol, battery has been charging many days etc.

    With original screen+digi it was fine, only touchscreen did not work at all because it was cracked, original lcd was destroyed when removed so cannot test that anymore.

    Long post i know, but if someone had similar problems i would love to know what caused them, or please direct me to other forum where someone might know.


  2. Joe A Dunn

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 inch tablet that has problems with the replacement glass on the screen. The Place I took it to get fixed they had went through two glass and digitizers. The first one didn't come on or display. The second one didn't touch properly. Now they are going to order one from the manufacturer. I don't know what could cause it to not connect to the screen and digitizer.
  3. bar77

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    Hello, I also had a cracked screen, which I replaced, however the new screen is not showing anything.

    I know that it's working, as it rings when I call it (VOIP), and the battery is good.

    I tried holding the power button for 2 minutes, as well as holding the power button with the various volume buttons, however the new screen does not display anything.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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