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problems after update..already did factory reset..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jenzziim, May 20, 2010.

  1. jenzziim

    jenzziim Newbie
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    Got update then did factory reset...clean start..well I have the 50% bug..no biggie it does not seem to affect battery..Problem I do have is after running navigator and exiting out my phone won't sleep..I have to then reboot..Haven't found anything in the forum with this problem ...tried everything I can think of so I call VERIZON..what a joke..they tell me to do what i have already done which is a factory reset...I said DID that..then after getting nowhere i get to a supervisor...Here is the cherry on the top..OTD will love this the supervisor told me to get a ADVANCE TASK KILLER...I laughed...didn't need one before update and don't need one now..My phone had no issues before update...So if anyone can help I would appreciate it..Verizon will not replace phone unless I do another factory reset with them on the line..My thoughts are this is b.s. because then i have to redo most apps and then wait for new phone then start over again..I think this is way to much...if in the end noone has any suggestions I at least feel better for venting..

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