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Problems after upgrading my Xperia Pro to Android 4.0.4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cheungshirley, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. cheungshirley

    cheungshirley Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, i've just bought my pro today and connected it with my computer. the companion thing notified me there was the latest version of android and so i updated my phone to 4.0.4.
    The layout is so great yet i found loads of problems in it and hope some of you can help me with this..

    the gadgets are no longer available. i still have those gadgets, i can't use them anymore after i deleted them from my homepage as a shortcut(?)
    e.g. the timescape; twitter; analog clock and also battery status monitor.
    my method of putting them to the front page is to drag them in. So did i do the wrong thing? or it's the bug?
    even it's the inbuilt gadgets like clock and music player, which worked so well when i was using ginger bread version, are also no longer available or i can say not compatible.

    so what can i do now? i know i should take it to the sony store but i dun have any of them nearby.. i know somebody has downgraded their own phone by flashing them, i read something said by doing so the warranty might be damaged(?)

    pls help me this phone is new and i really like it thanks so much

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  2. DaXAce

    DaXAce Lurker

    Hi, its not an issue...
    first all your System apps can can be deleted unless you are rooted.

    try to use your PC Companian fro repair... by doing:

    revert in case of clarification.
    dont worry, its ANDROID, we can fix it....

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