Jul 2, 2013
Hi dear fellas:smokingsomb:
I have upgraded my GT-I9070 to android 4.1.2 with baseband version of I9070JVBMD1 which recently released for UAE. (Downloaded from SamMobile.com). but since upgrading I'm experiencing some strange problems!
first of all my compass stopped working in Google Maps, I also Installed Maverick and other Compass software but they didn't work too!
I search this problem over the net and this site, same problem occurred during SII upgrade.

did any of you guys experiencing this problem? does the compass point north?!
any cure? :(
does jellybean this feature at all?:thinking:

second problem is not really a problem! the keytone sound is extremly annoying and UGLY! I disabled it! can I change that S...ty sound?!
Hi dear,
Even i also upgraded my GT-I9070 to android 4.1.2 but the problem which i am facing is that my cellphone get hanged constantly and slow response of the application working which is unavoidable.
Hence i want to ask only one thing is that can i downgrade my GT-I9070 again to Android OS,v2.3.6(Gingerbread).

If yes pls tell me how?