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Problems and small rant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Zelnik, May 17, 2011.

  1. Zelnik

    Zelnik Lurker
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    First things first, I love my archos tablet. Its a very sleek 70 internet tablet and does work that my monster of a gaming laptop simply cannot do in a pinch.

    My problem lies solely with android.

    What were they thinking? Who are they to tell me what file I can or cannot download? If I want to download a google document, I can't just throw it into storage on my 16gig SD card. No, according to android, it must have a program to accept it before it will even consider keeping the file.

    Even apk files! It doesn't recognize its own file format!

    I should be able to download whatever I damn well please without downloading a third party program to do so! Also, since I have an Archos, the apps library is an extremely cruel joke and is loaded with crapware (assuming it is not suffering from network failures)

    Simple files like .pdf, .apk, .doc, .zip... sorry, your android is too hipster for those extentions...

    Is there any way I can force this stupid OS to just download stuff directly to the SD card? Or to download what I want it to download without complaint or 3rd party program?

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