Help Problems charging


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I am noticing a problem with my DX not being able to charge with anything than the original charger, let me explain myself :D, Yesterday During hte super bowl my phone was about to die, and my friend had a generic micro usb charger, and my phone wouldnt charge, it showed that was charging but no porgress if u know what I mean, then I got home hooked my phone to my motorola charger, and in charged like it supose to, then today, I usually have a regular micro USB cable hooked to my work computer in case I need to charge my phone during the day, hooked it up this morning after changing ROMs and it wont charge either, it has being like half an hour and still stuck on 80%,,, :thinking: would that be a problem with the usb connection of my DX?

UPDATE: I made it to Work on my work computer,, USB Debugging Was Off :D