Root Problems finding "Android 1.0"

So I'm following zedomax's guide on rooting my Nexus 10 for Windows. I'm a complete noob at this, which is what I'm guessing you get a lot of.

First, some info. It's Ver. 4.2.2, and the Build Number is JDQ39. Also, I've used it before, and I'm doing this all on Windows 7.

I was following a different tutorial that ended up not making any sense, but I had gotten to the point of getting developer options open under system, and enabling USB debugging. I realize that this step isn't at the beginning of zedomax's guide. So, I decided to disable USB debugging.

So, I follow the video, but when he goes to Device Manager and says to go to Android 1.0, well there is no such thing listed in my Device Manager.

All I have is (and this is with USB debugging off), under "Portable Devices", Nexus 10. With USB debugging turned on, in Device Manager I get a category saying Android Phone, under which is something called Android ADB Interface.

I tried to update the thing called Android ADB Interface with the same thing that he updated Android 1.0 (with android_winusb) but then it said Android ADB Composite Interface or something like that. It certainly didn't say Android Bootloader Interface.

What's going on? Why is my experience so different? Am I doing something wrong? I don't know what I'm doing, and I feel uncomfortable just guessing here and hoping for the best. I don't want to break my tablet.


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Hi Geoff :hello: welcome to the forums.

I would recommend the Nexus 10 Toolkit. Its easy to use and does about anything you need it to. There's also a video there you can watch.


If you got that category of Android with a driver in it, it sounds like you're in good shape. This signifies that your adb driver is installed and configured correctly. In order to get the fastboot driver installed, you need to have the device booted into fastboot/bootloader mode. The computer might install and configure it for you, or you might need to do it yourself in the device manager.


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Guys, rejoice! I figured it out! Atma, the Nexus 10 Toolkit video was what I followed, and while there was a part in recovery mode where I thought that I had bricked my Nexus, I got it to work.

Now to hook up my PS3 Controller to my Nexus! :D