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Problems I am having

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cornworden, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. cornworden

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    I just bought the Z3V on Verizon last Thursday, but didn't receive it till this past Wednesday, so I am running short on my 14 day return window if I choose to do so. I would much rather not because for one I just don't want to go through all the hassle, and I am really trying hard to like this phone. I really do enjoy almost everything about it, however there are several problems I am having that I feel like are exclusive to this phone, so hopefully I can get help here in resolving them, and if not I hope that someone might be able to recommend me a different phone, as I believe I only have a few more days to make that decision.

    First off, is what im sure everyone else's gripe is about the phone, no simultaneous voice and data. I've heard that the issue is to be resolved, but does anyone know if that's for sure, and if so than when.

    Second problem I am having involves texting. My messages are being sent as duplicates, or not at all, and that issue resolves itself when I restart my phone. I know it cant be my service because I never had this problem with my Galaxy 3, and it cant be the stock SMS app because I have the same issue on the other apps I downloaded.

    Other issues I have so far arent as big of gripes, just annoyances due to comng from a phone without them, such as a weak flashlight, no menu button, weak volume buttom placement.

    Also as I have said, I really do want to like this phone, because its screen is beautiful, and the battery life has been phenomenal so far, so if any of my issues can be resolved than I will be more than happy to keep the phone, and if they cant I hope someone might know what I should get (keep in mind that I cannot wait for anything to come out unless it comes out by the end of the week)

    Thanks for reading my long post haha

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