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Problems Linking Facebook Contacts after Froyo Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tommybluez, May 31, 2011.

  1. tommybluez

    tommybluez Lurker
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    Hey everyone - Have the Motorola Defy, US, T-Mo version.

    Previously, contacts in my phonebook that did not auto-link to facebook (different name spellings, etc.) I could go to the contact, choose "Link Contact", choose facebook from the drop down, search them and link it.

    NOW... I've just recently updated to Froyo/Android 2.2. There are a few contacts I am trying to link with facebook however they do not show up in the facebook search when I try to link them. They are definitely on my facebook online... it doesn't seem to be syncing with facebook... any suggestions, help????

  2. Ditt0s

    Ditt0s Lurker

    Similarly, when i try to add a Facebook account to Accounts my phone is unresponsive. However i can add/edit all the other accounts. Is there an alternate way for me to sync my facebook contacts with my contacts?
  3. Ditt0s

    Ditt0s Lurker

    Nevermind. I managed to fix this by merely restarting the phone.

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