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problems on LG Black Email

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by upin_cool, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. upin_cool

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    My father just bought LG Black, and he experiencing problems with email's chinese keyboard application from this phone.
    i dont know if others also experiencing this kind of bug, but here is the bug :
    if you typing chinese character using simplified char in pinyin when phone is vertical positions, no problems. but, if you type in horizontal positions, whenever you type any character, the chinese letter wont appears.
    if you put in vertical position, its appear again.
    I have brought this matter to Indonesia LG customer service, and actually they admit it if this is a bug that they dont know how to deal with, and they do give K-9 mail apps as a solve for my problem.
    ok, problem solve this time.

    but, now we used K-9 mail, another problem appears, i cant get my incoming emails via PUSH, only POP. I have searched through all options in K9 Mail, but cant find any PUSH related options, i do find "PUSH Folder" options, but it's disabled.
    btw, i use LIVE email

    so, please enlighten me.


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