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Problems sending MMS messages to other carriers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by homerjrules, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. homerjrules

    homerjrules Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just curious if anyone else is having problems sending mms messages to friends on other carriers. I have a couple of friends with Iphones and I cant send them pictures. I receive theres, but not vice versa. Don't know if I'm missing a setting or if I need to try a new phone. I have the fx zoom camera app. and when I send it's not saying it's a size issue just acts like it sent, but doesn't. Please give any input. Thanks.

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  2. thoroside

    thoroside Newbie

    i'm having the exact same problem! None of my friends with iphone's have received one MMS message from me. I have used the native messaging system, and now Handcent, none have worked.

  3. skybax22

    skybax22 Newbie

    Exact same problem here. iPhones won't receive MMS messages from me no matter what I do...
  4. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    my brother has an iPhone and I am using Handcent and he is able to receive my messages just fine.
  5. waxings

    waxings Newbie

    Same problem with me :(
  6. thoroside

    thoroside Newbie

    This is really only happening to 4 of us? No inklings or thoughts, advice to ask Verizon?
  7. superchaos

    superchaos Android Enthusiast

    Just tried it and got the same results. It didn't go through. It acts like it sent it but it was never received.
    I wonder if Verizon will claim the recipient doesn't have 3G coverage?
  8. superchaos

    superchaos Android Enthusiast

    Not going through to Sprint either. The pic size in only 28K...
    It went through to Sprint, just a little late.
  9. homerjrules

    homerjrules Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Going to take back to verizon tomorrow. Maybe a new phone will make difference.
  10. It wont let me send pictures to my friends with iphone i always have to send it to their email for them to receive it. It gets really annoying!
  11. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    After further research I am unable to send mms to any other carrier than Verizon. I wonder if this will get fixed in the 2.0 update??
  12. superchaos

    superchaos Android Enthusiast

    I called VZ tech support. I guess they have not received ANY complaints about the issue. They pointed their finger at AT&T since VZ and Sprint are receiving the pic messages. I was told to have the AT&T customer call their tech support and ask why they couldn't receive pics from Verizon.
  13. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    I just called Verizon as well and they too confirmed they have no knowledge of this ever being a problem. I can receive messages from a AT&T iPhone, but not send to them. Verizon claims I need to call HTC. I have tried uninstalling handcent and use the native messaging and still no help. I wonder if the 2.0 update will fix this. Verizon just told me that the new Droid coming to market in the beginning of 2010 will have a 2.5 version installed. I wonder if that will be rolled into our Eris as well?
  14. thoroside

    thoroside Newbie

    This is horrible. I'm contacting Verizon now to add onto the complainer list. I can't see it being an issue with HTC, Verizon is the carrier, the FedEx if you will of mailing the message.
  15. Sinclair

    Sinclair Newbie

    Knowing this thread is dead, but bringing back might shed some light on this problem

    So.. any progress?

    I cant send pics to AT&T
  16. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    my ex-bf has at & t
    i can send to him fine....and receive

    maybe you should request a different device
  17. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

    I have seen this. My buddy was unable to get an MMS from me on his IPhone. He does not have an additional service AT&T provides that is needed for his iphone to get MMS messages. He gets texts from me just fine. Seems to be an AT&T service agreement issue to me. We had no idea until we checked his contract.
  18. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    I have had this same issue with my friends' iphones
  19. Crystal0211

    Crystal0211 Lurker

    Just had the same thing happen today. My phone says it sent, but message was never received.
  20. pkopalek

    pkopalek Android Expert

    Sprint and Verizon cannot MMS each other. This is known.

    Cricket used to be in the same boat, but just a few months ago, Cricket started allowing Verizon MMS on their network.

    There are probably more carriers that this applies to, but I do a lot of MMS, and these are the ones I am aware of.
  21. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    i'm not trying to be rude but how is this a known fact?
    my best friend has the samsung moment from sprint and receive all my pictures with no issues
  22. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    Known to who? I've sent probably thousands of pictures to my Sister's sprint phone and various other folks with sprint and never had issues.
    Strangely enough the only person I ever have trouble sending to is on Verizon! once a month a delayed txt or something so I'm really not complaining
  23. pkopalek

    pkopalek Android Expert

    I've never shared an MMS successfully with any of my Sprint friends. Sprint says that there are known issues with this, and that they don't officially support exchanging MMS with 'That carrier' at this time (verizon).

    Cricket had roughly the same statement about this until a few months ago.

    Congrats on your MMS exchange with Sprint friends.

    Perhaps this has recently changed. I don't know that I've attempted to send/receive an MMS from sprint in several months?


    Maybe I'm living in 2005. This used to be an issue, I guess, but isn't much anymore.


    I just sent a MMS to all of my sprint friends (a picture of a pop tart). We'll see if they respond!

    I do, in general, find some MMS and SMS don't get there/don't get there in a timely fashion. Some carriers are worse/better than others.

    *And now I feel old. Apparently I need to assume that carriers will fix these things, and then check, some YEARs afterward
  24. kingcliff

    kingcliff Lurker

    happens to me also,only to iphones. with the stock app and handcent
  25. NKT

    NKT Android Expert

    If you're having trouble sending to iPhones, make sure the other person has the latest and greatest software update. Remember, MMS wasn't even available before iPhone OS 3.0. And even then it wasn't until AT&T offered 3.1 that you could send/receive MMS on an iPhone...

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