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problems w/FN key on keyboard

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gillusa, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. gillusa

    gillusa Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi>totally new to android and smartphone>so....forgive if this is a silly ?. Got the new Evo Shift. When messaging on hard keyboard seems the FN button stays "on" (even w/no light showing)after u type the character ex: $..all following characters are then &%#__ or pressing the"space" bar opens the SYM menu>unless u repress the FN. And when u go to DEL to remove the character..if u havn't hit the FN a 2nd time-it removes the whole message. Very frustrating. But now it doesn't happen all the time>>>about 80% of time.
    Is this a glitch on my phone? should I get an replacement? or is this a hardware glitch on the Evo in general?thanx for help:thinking:

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  2. kjpsu09

    kjpsu09 Lurker

    mine also starting doing this annoying trick too, been looking around for a solution, have yet to find anything either.
  3. Machiavel1ian

    Machiavel1ian Newbie

    Perhaps you accidentally tapped it twice, thus placing the keyboard in "function lock" mode?
  4. vagilik

    vagilik Newbie

    could be a defect also. mine doesnt do that
  5. kjpsu09

    kjpsu09 Lurker

    yeah i know i dont do that cause i am typing function to get an exclamation point, and when i hit space after a screen full of symbols comes up, and if i hit the back button (the soft buttons on the bottom of the phone) sometimes it goes back to normal, but sometimes it deletes an entire message.
  6. chris20nyy

    chris20nyy Newbie

    Chalk another one up to having this issue. Happened about 5 or 6 times so far. It locks the function for no reason, and the LED isn't lit up that the functions locked. If you hit the FN button a couple of times it cycles and works normal, but it's quite annoying. Hopefully there will be a software update for this.
  7. InMnBob

    InMnBob Newbie

    Having problem too

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