Problems with "Adopt good coding practices" step

Becca Lou

I'm just starting to learn Android app development and kotlin and I'm working with the resources on Currently I'm working on Build a basic layout > 3. Add images to your android app > 4. Adopt good coding practices.
In the instructions it talks about a warning next to the textView that I made in an earlier step and goes on to tell you how to extract the resources to your XML file so that the text is no longer hardcoded into your app and can be changed. The problem that I am having is that in my android studio there is no warning next to my textViews. I still want to make sure that the text is extracted to the XML file so I've been searching through help for that dialogue box but nothing has been coming up.

Here is the image from the tutorial that shows what I should be seeing:

here is what I am actually seeing:

Please help me figure out #1, why are there no warnings on my textviews, #2, how to extract the resources to the XML file.


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