Help Problems with camera on ICS


Since installing the official samsung ICS 4.0.3 upgrade, through O2 in UK, I have noticed intermittent problems with the built in camera app. Sometimes it just closes after starting, other times it does things like refuse to focus or even take a pic at all. It seems to resolve itself after a few attemps, only to return next time I use it. The camera was working perfectly before the ICS update.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this at all - otherwise I may be returning the phone to O2 as it is less than 12 months old


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Suggest you mount your phone to windows using Settings, wireless & Networks, more, USB utilities hit connect, then plug in the cable. You get green android, then hit 'turn on USB Storage' then you get orange android after connected.

On your desktop you will see a new disk drive E: or I: etc that is your phones internal sdcard. You may see a second one which would be for your external MicroSD card.

These are FAT32 disk drives according to your desktop. Right click the appropriate disk drive, properties, tools, hit 'Check-Now' in error checking section. If you have low level corruption it will be repaired (unplugging your phone while transferring data can do this). I had a faulty MicroSD at one point and it made the camera behave strangely.

If the problem continues after that, try going to Settings, Applications, then hit the All tab to make sure you see internal apps not just downloaded. Find Camera in the list, tap that then hit the "Clear Data" button which deletes your preferences and takes the app back to the first time you used it. Also try changing the setting for where the photos are memory card means internal or external.

If none of that works then head back to O2!!


u put me on the right track. nothing helped till "If the problem continues after that". but b4 "Clear Data", i did 1 extra thing: i deleted the dcim folder from the phone (after downloading the pics under it). so at this stage, i don't know if it was "Clear Data" or deleted dcim or both, but it did the trick. next time i'll try & eliminate which it was, cos i'm sure it'll happen again. btw, nothing else worked b4 the above: restart, battery out etc, all the normal things to fix this type of problem. thanx again.