Help Problems with Contact Syncing

1) I create a new contact on my phone via the built in Contact App
2) The contact now shows it is Connected Via 'Device'
3) When I go to gmail on my computer the new contact does _not_ show up in my contacts.
4) No errors with the syncing on the phone,
5) turn off auto sync, turn on auto sync - still doesn't show up on my computer

If I create a contact in gmail on my computer it does get synced down to my phone.

I think it has something to do with the contact as a 'Device' contact instead of a Google contact. But I can't figure out how to correct the issue.

Any ideas?

S6 Active 5.1.1


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When you create a contact on the phone, you are offered Device, SIM card, Google ( or Samsung account.
Make sure that you select Google.


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I believe that if you start with Google then it defaults to Google, but check each time you make a new contact.


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"When you create a contact on the phone, you are offered Device, SIM card, Google ( or Samsung account I.e. you are offered a choice of where to retain that contact detail.

Select Google each time.

Do you see the options? - top left?
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Yes I see that.

Currently when I create a contact the drop down auto selects 'Device' and I must then select the dropdown and select 'Google'.
Is there a way to have the new contact screen auto select 'Google'? That way I don't have to remember to make the change and it is quicker to create the new contact.



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I had a problem like you in that I had imported contacts from other areas and they were a little mixed up. I changed all of them to "Google" and subsequently any new contacts I have added have been to the Google account. I did not consciously go through any settings to achieve that. I therefore believe that it just defaults in that direction.

The proof in in the pudding just create new (fictitious) contacts allocating them to Google and see if it then subsequently adds any further contacts automatically. You can then delete the fictitious ones in your own time.

Just had another look at my S6.
Move device contacts to -----
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