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Problems with disk drive?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The Blue Buzzard, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. The Blue Buzzard

    Thread Starter

    I got a 32gb memory card for Xmas, and I have been copying the files from my 16gb which is currently in my HTC DHD to my PC prior to copying them back to my 32gb. During the copying of files, my phone signal dropped out and then my phone was no longer registering as a device on my computer. My phone also lost the option of being mounted as a disk-drive. Is this as a consequence of my phone signal dropping out or is the phone losing signal, a consequence of my disk-drive being lost?? My phone is not in the habit of losing signal, don't know if it is anything to do with the weather at the moment?? Why does it lose the option of being a disk drive?? It is doing my head in!!!:mad:

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  2. dragon84

    dragon84 Newbie

    Not too sure but you can try this as a troubleshooting step. Turn your phone off and take your memory card out> insert it to a memory card reader and save all the files in the microsd card to you computer (either with a program/copy & paste). After you have done this format your microsd card by going to My Computer> Right click on the microsd drive (e.g. g: )> Format>make sure it's FAT32/Default allocation/Quick format is unticked anf click start.

    After all this again go to My Computer> Right click on the microsd drive (e.g. g: )>Properties>Tools Tab>Error checking press Check now> Tick Auto. fix file system errors and scan for and attampt recovery of bad sectors.

    After all this copy your files back to you microsd card and reinsert it back to your phone, power on your phone and test it. If this doesnt work we'll have to wait for someone who knows how to fix this. Hope this works though ;) good luck

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