Nov 27, 2010
Just wondering has anyone else had problems with the gtablet dock. I purchased one from China and it took two weeks to arrive.
Now that I have it, it doesn't seem to do much. If I attach the mains charger it will charge the gtablet when connected.
But none of the other connections work. That is the hdmi, usb and lan port. I am currently running Android Flashback Ver 8.
Is there software that I need to use the dock.

All help greatly appreciated
The lan port works if you turn wireless off and have the ethernet cable plugged in. It might not let you go to Market, but the web will work.

HDMI doesn't work at all? It might be your tv (or it could be the rom I don't have FB so I couldn't tell you). I have 2 tvs, the hdmi works on both sets, but differently. In one room the picture appears on the screen (make sure you have your tv on its hdmi port), but the sound only comes out of the tablet. But on my other tv the sound and picture pops up perfectly.

Also for HDMI to work you have to have the ac adapter that came with your GTab plugged into the dock. Someone on XDA grumbled until they discovered it has to be powered up via the ac adapter to work.