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Problems with Exchange Sync and Recurring Meetings

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kpantz, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. kpantz

    kpantz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Recently, I've been having problems with recurring meetings on my Incredible's calendar. Specifically, the problems seem to start whenever I modify one instance of a recurrence (move one to another day, for example) on my PC - (not on the phone). What seems to be happening is that although that particular changed instance shows up on my HTC calendar in its new spot, the rest of the recurrence disappears and - even worse - I can no longer get ANY recurring meetings to sync to the phone, even if I create new ones.

    If I remove the ActiveSync account, delete Calendar Data (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Calendar Storage > Clear Data and ...Calendar > Clear Data) and re-add the account, I still have the problem and - what's worse - ALL my recurring meetings are gone (but any exceptions to them remain - WTF?!).

    Before anyone asks, all recurrences have end dates (I've read plenty about recurrences w/o end dates causing problems).

    To date, the only way I've found to completely fix this is to do a factory reset (yuck). Of course, the minute I modify an instance of a recurring meeting, the problem starts all over.

    Anybody else see this? Provided there's no fix, is there a better way to fully flush calendar data to see if I can avoid resetting the phone? There's GOT to be something I'm missing in terms of cleaning out the calendar data, because a factory reset fixes it. Like I said above, I clear out two spots in Manage Applications: Calendar and Calendar Storage.

    Thanks in advance to anyone with ideas.


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  2. kpantz

    kpantz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Found my issue: Tasker!

    Tasker and Recurring Calendar Events - Tasker | Google Groups

    Final test:

    1. Disabled Tasker
    2. Deleted Profile with Calendar Event State context.
    3. Removed ActiveSync account and cleared Calendar Storage
    4. Re-added ActiveSync account.
    5. Modified one instance of a recurring appointment. Rest of
    recurrence REMAINS on device.
    6. Re-enabled Tasker.
    7. Modified one instance of a recurring appointment. Rest of
    recurrence REMAINS on device. Huzzah!

    So it seems that I'm not even able to have a profile with a calendar
    event state context. Not even if it's disabled.

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