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Problems with Facebook and Youtube since the update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DaygosDankest, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. DaygosDankest

    DaygosDankest Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ever since I insalled the update I can not look at mine or anyone elses profile on the full site of facebook. Its just blank, like it doesn't load properly. I'm using dolphin btw.

    And also through the browser I go to click on a youtube vid and it never loads. Nothing happens. I have to copy and paste the link in the youtube app....its kind of a drag.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Is there a fix? Or am I just going to have to suck it up?

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  2. DaygosDankest

    DaygosDankest Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  3. enufced904

    enufced904 Lurker

    I actually have the same issue with FB.
  4. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.

    I'm able to get on Facebook with no problem, but I had a similar problem with YouTube.
  5. I can't really do Facebook either lately, does the same thing, loads the header and profile pic, but nothing else. It would be nice to get it fixed as I absolutely can't stand the mobil site....
  6. DaygosDankest

    DaygosDankest Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bump, this kinda **** makes me want to go back to 2.1
  7. belledee

    belledee Member

    My problem with facebook is that I can't even log in with the browser or the app. There s always an error screen that pops up when I tried to log in. Can somebody help?
  8. I was having the same problem when I updated. Turns out somehow I got signed out of Facebook during the update, and so it would only show the header and profile pic. After logging back in everything went back to normal. Maybe that's what's going on with you as well.
  9. mrdeadhead

    mrdeadhead Newbie

    i haven't even updated to 2.2 yet and i have problems with youtube and facebook all the time. the facebook app just sucks a dick, and their mobile site has been untouched for years now.

    and the youtube app isn't that great either. you'd think it would just be linked into the google accounts on the phone and run as easily as gmail, but no. of course not.
  10. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    They both work for me, but the youtube app is sending me an error message about not being able to connect to the network whenever I go into my account view. I may try a factory reset, but so far this is my only issue with 2.2
  11. 4 Droid Home

    4 Droid Home Newbie

    First I will start off with the Facebook-Youtube problem. The day before yesterday I decided to click on youtube, I found a video I liked, just like I do once a day and I hit menu, brings up the share option and I decided to click on the comments box to bring up the keyboard and NOTHING... I could not even post the video to Facebook and the only button that would work is the cancel button, which brought up another share window with the same problem. Since I have some kind of OCD problem with things not working as they should, I have spent almost every waking moment since, trying to fix the problem; been online and in settings of every app, on and on. This problem seems to be going on with a lot of people and no solutions in any forums as what to do, or the ones they do offer do not work. I am left with these three conclusions. 1. Youtube is messed up in my phone someway. 2. Facebook is messed up in my phone someway. 3. This is a virus. I have reloaded the Facebook app but nothing and Youtube is just Youtube. So tomarrow I plan to return the phone to factory settings and let life begin again. As for the other problem which was a three day problem with no sleep, a bluetooth and car stereo, I will post about that in a bluetooth section of this forum.

    4 Droid Home
  12. udderjuice

    udderjuice Lurker

    I got to tell you this problem is really annoying me. The whole reason I got an android phone was to be able to share things to facebook on the go and since I got the phone the facebook functionality has slowly disintegrated to total crap.

    When I first installed the official facebook app it worked great. If I was on a webpage I wanted to share, I selected share and facebook and it worked great sharing the link via the app.

    Now when I do this, instead of using the app I'm redirected to the facebook.touch site and the screen is unresponsive. No keyboard pops up when I touch the comments box and the "Share" button doesn't even work.

    This is garbage and needs to be fixed. They market the phones as letting you do all this stuff and then its epic fail.
  13. 4 Droid Home

    4 Droid Home Newbie

    I just reset the phone to the factory settings and the problems is still there. All that hell of restoring............ breathe. The reason like Facebook and my Smartphone is because I can share videos I find on Youtube. Grrrrr.

    Also in another part of the Forum where I posted about the same problem after someone posted there.. He too did a hard restart and is still having the same problem. Umm Search Youtube not sharing videos on facebook you can read on what is happeing with him, same thing but.... this is angering.
  14. 4 Droid Home

    4 Droid Home Newbie

    Called Motorola, see if they new about the problem, went thought all the fix it solutions they have, their conclusion, I broke it. Considering I treat the phone like a new born baby, no bumps scapes scratches, water damage or bad hot and cold enviroments, I went off on them and they concluded it is defective because I so easilly broke it OMG!!!!!! I asked, what about everyone else in the forums, did they, touch theirs the wrong way, one too many times, create an unstable emotional state? They said to return the phone and get a new one. So really they have no clue about this problem nor do they know what to do about it. I'll take it back and get another one. SIGH.......
  15. 4 Droid Home

    4 Droid Home Newbie

    I GOT MY NEW PHONE. I set it up, loaded the facebook app and went to youtube to upload the cute little girl who plays a keyboard and sings (something I have been having nightmares about because it does not work, this little girl haunts me) and IT FROZE UP AGAIN. And yes I signed in and out of youtube, tried large videos and small ones. Then I HAD AN IDEA.... I signed into Facebook on my wife's Facebook account. I very easilly posted the little girl youtube video on her facebook page. CONCLUSION IS...... It is not the phone, it is not the Facebook App and it is not the settings on your facebook account, it is Facebook itself out there in where ever their server is. The app works fine with my wifes account but not mine, they have done something that makes some peoples accounts not work. SOOOoooo. I made a new account and added myself as a freind so I could do an add freinds request sent out to all my freinds under my new account and it works, have to reload all my pictures again, but I am back.

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