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Problems with functioning of Slacker Plus Subscription Radio

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rufaro, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. rufaro

    rufaro Lurker
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    I have many problems with my Slacker + subscription service. Despite my settings, the screen does not stay on when it is plugged in; it does not refresh my cached stations automatically at night when plugged in, although if it is NOT plugged in, it says it did NOT refresh them; it freezes and closes with no explanation. The freezing/closing/no live screen are the biggest problems when I use it in my car dock--I can't fiddle with it while I'm driving, and, since I paid for the upgrade mainly to use it in my car, this renders the product most unsatisfactory. I contacted Slacker customer support and got very substandard responses over several days. Initially, they told me to check my settings, which I had made clear in my original questions by saying how the settings were not working as they were supposed to. Later, they had me upload my logs and said they'd have their programmers look over the problems and get back to me. The next day they said to subscribe to their Slacker forums and watch for upgrades. When I complained and suggested that they should perhaps inform me when an upgrade was available, if that was indeed the solution to my problems, I was basically told to go blow ("we can't recreate the problem and I've never seen it before--it's your problem, not ours" was the gist of the message), and to try uninstalling and reinstalling the program on my device (yes, pretty much in that order). I did, while also responding that I wanted to be contacted by a supervisor, which request I repeated when un/reinstall, of course, did not work (I also noted that perhaps that should have been the first step they advised me to take, not the last). Anyway, no one has contacted me from Slacker, and I'm still having the same problems with its operation. I'm thinking about contacting them again, just to complain about the "service" I got the first time--not expecting to get actual help, but to bring this particular service agent to their attention, if they care--but I'd like to know if there's any fix for any of this, or, along with the other stuff I have to tell 'em, I should be asking for a refund of the subscription price and going with Pandora or something else that'll work for my car.

    I posted this in another forum in someone else's thread and wasn't getting answers to my questions. I apologize if this cross-posting is against the rules. I also saw there are other similar questions, but I suspect that if it isn't Slacker, it's Froyo, as all these things used to work, and the other questions are too old. AND if it's not Slacker OR Froyo--then it's the stupid refurb Droid VZW sent me after the OTA upgrade fried my 5-month old phone...Please help me narrow it down!

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