Jan 28, 2011
I am having a weird problem with my audio jack. Whenever I use headphones for music, youtube, or video the audio is crappy. Almost like the headphones are broken. But I have tried it with several different types of headphones and it all does the same thing. What makes it even weirder is I can use an auxillery cable to go to other things, like my car or a stereo, and it works fine. What could be the problem?:thinking:
Have you got a case on the phone? Some cases can prevent headphone jacks from making contact properly.

I've actually found that improperly connected headphones can sound much more obvious than an improperly connected auxiliary cable, going to a stereo or powered speakers.
I suggest that you probably have a faulty phone, should be under warranty. I'm not aware of any widespread problems with the headphone jacks on Galaxy Ss. Because we would probably hear about it on Phandroid first. I know my Galaxy S works just fine with a variety of earbuds, headphones and speakers.