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Problems with Latitude

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ccoram, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. ccoram

    ccoram Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My wife and I both have Droids and are trying to get Latitue working correctly. The way I see it, we should be able to open this program and see each others exact locations at any time. Well, anytime we open Latitude on either of our phones it shows us at what appears to be an incorrect "default" location - its the same place everytime. I'm looking at my wifes phone also and it shows her in the same incorrect place - probably two miles away.

    Now there are times when I open mine, it shows my location correctly and she is almost always in the "default" location. Anybody provide me with any help on this one? Its almost like I need a "refresh" but I cant seem to get it to work.


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  2. radikal

    radikal Android Expert

    check out the settings.... mine is working great. my friends on G1 are kinda sucking, but mine is better.
  3. ccoram

    ccoram Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How accuate is it - lets say can you just pickup your phone, start the Maps app and it pop all your friends up pretty close to where they are without you doing anything??

    I've tried all the different settings and I can't get either one of ours to work.
  4. bthoward

    bthoward Well-Known Member

    If you move to another location does it move? I'm wondering if its using network locationing and just giving you the location of the cell tower... Taking these coarse locations are much easier on battery life... Can't say I've used latitude (I don't like the idea...) if people want to know where I am they can ask me. ;)
  5. ccoram

    ccoram Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Never thought about it but your right. The location it keeps popping up is a local hospital - right next to that hospital is a VZW tower. Good call.

    Anyone know how to make it show our true locations - not the "default" tower location it brings up on both our phones?
  6. shrugger

    shrugger Newbie

    Do you have GPS enabled? If you don't cell towers is the best it can do.
  7. ccoram

    ccoram Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well I thought we did...what is the correct method to enable it and keep it enabled

    Where's the question mark btw
  8. radikal

    radikal Android Expert

    on your phone, on the physical keyboard question mark is next to enter, on the on screen, press 123 and the question mark is there! to get GPS.....

    click Menu then settings then location and security at the top it talks bout gps and wifi

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