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problems with my mytouch slide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cubanricanpapi, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. cubanricanpapi

    Thread Starter

    my touch slide is agrevatine me lately..
    1.the texts r going all out of wack...
    2-constantly loosimg signal.
    3-while iam texting some one it just cuts me short and send me back to the main menu


  2. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    The proofreading application is probably crashing.
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  3. ausjia

    ausjia Lurker

    same as mine. My threads are all mixed up, it says i received a message from someone but then when i click the actual thread its from someone else. It will take me back to the threads and when it f**ks up and i goes the home button it goes to the screen that says my in green when its turning on and acts like its rebooting. I am so sick of it!! theres othe stuff too. My service drops completely at random intervals then the signal comes back then a minute later the internet, it does it all the time. I am so mad, cuz my g1 was having problems too. It had a glitch that always repeated the same combination of letters and numbers. As for my mytouch, ive had to factory reset it twice, it worked for a bit after the first time but when i did it again it didnt help. Customer Care said i should delete some of my threads, but i cant because it says loading like its deleting the threads but it can sit there all night and in thrning it will still say loading. I cant delete them individually either. I have no idea what it is but i dont think i can get my phone turned in because i dropped it one and it got f*cked up, and i think the warranty is void, but it sucks because the problems started about 1.5 mos after the drop and it was still in tip top shape. I HATE it, because if the signal all of my calls get dropped and my webpages dont load because when the signal keeps going out, it comes back for only about a minute then *drop* so annoying. this took forever to write plz help.
  4. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast

    It's Tmobile. It's been happening to us -Vibrant owners- also.
  5. gabes7860

    gabes7860 Lurker

    I have to vent...I purchased the MyTouch Slide in June 2010, I am having my 5th, yes 5th phone being shipped to me. The phone works great for 3 weeks then starts losing signal and dropped calls every minute. Master reset does not help. The last 3 phones have the exact same problem. The bluetooth has static with all the phones when the phone gets moved from one pocket to another. The only way it works fine is by having the phone next to my bluetooth. Does anyone have this same problem. Tmobile says there is not a problem. I paid top dollar for this piece of crap phone. Right now while I wait, I am usine an old Razor phone and it is working perfectly.
  6. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    My sixth one shipped today. I feel your pain.
  7. stryder06

    stryder06 Member

    Glad I'm not the only one getting aggravated with this phone. My phone drops calls constantly at least twice a day. The signal fades randomly, my texts will and won't send at random, and my phone will reset itself whenever it feels like it. I haven't called to complain about it yet because I keep thinking to myself that maybe it will get better. Guess I'm wrong.
  8. UnknownAlly

    UnknownAlly Well-Known Member

    Le pop mecka sing pop pai. Nacoy **** flack nakai pho hoa Viet.
  9. enchauto

    enchauto Lurker

    Have been having this same issue spoke with a t-mobile rep last night and they said. I needed to get a new sim card. That in the last few months they have been issuing new sim cards that support the 3g networks. I'm going to pick mine up today they are replacing it free will update if it helps or not.
  10. dk_shank

    dk_shank Lurker

    My my touch would shut off atleast 10x a day on its on. Anyone one have any suggestions on what i can do? or whats causing it to do that
  11. Tangent

    Tangent Android Enthusiast

    Has it done that since day one? If not, did it start after you installed an app? If so, remove that app and see if that helps. If it has done it since day one I'd suspect you got a lemon and should call TMo to get it replaced.
  12. peachygeorgia

    peachygeorgia Lurker

    I also have a Mytouch Slide and I just received my 3rd one today in 1 month. The second one has heating problems as well as all the other ones I was having. I called tmobile yesterday and was told that they were unaware of any problems with the Mytouch Slide. Then I googled it and found all these problems that other people are having. I am having same problems. I have had reset as well as a new sim card. She did tell me yesterday that if the 3rd phone has the same problems then I can get a choice of a different phone.

    These are the problems I'm having:

    -Hangs up on people and goes into airplane mode
    -It loses signal and internet signal constantly. Turning it off and back on has stopped working.
    -My texts are messing up and it won't delete texts.
    -It's overheating. The 2nd one did not the first one.
    -I have terrible reception.
    -My apps don't work correctly. Especially my Twitter app.

    I had a motorola cliq and never had an issue with it. This phone had a bigger screen and had a few fancy features so I thought I was getting a better phone. That has not been the case! I have signed a 2yr contract with Tmobile so i'm stuck. I have never had any problems with Tmobile until this phone. I will NEVER buy a Tmobile phone again. I have been lied to by representatives of Tmobile and been made to feel like it was MY problem and not the phone. "operator malfunction".:mad:
  13. Tangent

    Tangent Android Enthusiast

    I doubt they lied when they said they didn't know about any problems with the Slide. They don't search forums to read about every issue anyone could possibly have. The only issues CSRs will likely know about are ones that affect an entire model line, like the GPS issues the Samsung Galaxy S phones have. (Had?)
  14. hinatachan42

    hinatachan42 Lurker

    My husband and I both have the 3G slides and ever since we got the update we have had the same issues- dropped calls, not being able to dial out, can't use the onscreen keyboard to text- says it's in airplane mode when it really isn't- we have had a hard reset done- new sim cards- and we are on our 3rd set of phones...still same issue- i am expecting a phone call here soon from one of the android tech reps- she told me previously this week that if these ones didn't work and it wasn't the network they would give us a different brand of phone at no cost to us. so hopefully she will call soon and we can be on our way to having better phones! good luck to everyone else having this same problem =) oh..and p.s. Tmobile reps claim this is not a "KNOWN" issue- but considering how many people i have seen blogging about it..even on their forum page on their website..i think it is
  15. mom in texas

    mom in texas Lurker

    I am on my third phone, too! In fact, while I was trying to finish the purchase, they changed the phone out because the one they were transfering all of my contacts to started messing up. It's incredible but typical for tmobile to act like they do not know about these issues. Mine will go through the whole shutting down and rebooting process when I try to make a call, sometimes when it's been idle or when I have just ended one call and want to make another. Sometimes the screen freezes. If they would just come out with updates to address problems on the current phones, instead of sticking their head in the sand, I would be so happy.:(
  16. cpaduveris

    cpaduveris Lurker

    I am on my 7th phone!
  17. andropiro123

    andropiro123 Newbie

    First mine locked its sim card with a password and how the f***ck did it expect me to make calls or use the internet. Then it i fixed after sim replace and data reset but later started to unallow me to make calls and the phones sense ui FORCE CLOSES!!!! Unbelievable
  18. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    8th here.

    3rd with a lopsided slide out keyboard.

    and the headphone jack does not work.
  19. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    No problems here...i love my slide! :D
  20. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    How many exchanges did that take?
  21. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    i did exchange it once but not for any problems i was having. i just wanted the redesigned keyboard. which coming from me i know is pretty funny since i have said many times that i never use the keyboard. i thought it was a better design and should have always been that way so i swapped my original out.
  22. berrykd

    berrykd Lurker

    I just got this My Touch 3G Slide as a replacement for my 3rd MotoFail Cliq on 10/13/2010. Phone worked great for 3 days until I woke up the morning of 10/16/2010 to a message from T-Mobile stating that there was an update available for my phone. Regrettably, I installed the update, and since that time my phone has frozen more than two dozen times. Doesn't matter what I am doing, sometimes at idle, during text messaging, or during a call. I have to remove the battery to regain control. It will not end an active call, but I can't do anything with the phone but talk and have to pull the battery to end the call.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you resolved the issue?
  23. mang0ra1n

    mang0ra1n Lurker

    this is a pain in the ass bump, and sorry for this, but me and multiple friends have been having related issues and i was wondering if there was anything we could do?! we've all gotten new sim cards, restored our phones more than a couple times..
  24. dredayholiday

    dredayholiday Newbie

    I had about 4-5 Samsung Behold IIs exchanged, and then T-Mobile sent me a Mytouch Slide. The screen seems loose and looks somewhat lopsided when I slide it up, however I was willing to keep the phone anyway with hopes of avoiding another phone exchange fiasco. After I had the phone about 3-5 days I would constantly lose all service for approximately 10-30 minutes; during this "outage period" the phone was useless, and it continually told me in the notification bar to set the time. I tried to manually acquire the T-Mobile network with my phone, but when I did, it would tell me that my SIM card did not allow me to register to the network (or something along those lines). I called customer service and they had me do a factor reset and swap out the SIM card for an updated version. This solved the signal issues, however my phone began restarting whenever I tried to make a phone call. It had done it twice when I initially got the phone, but after the factory reset and the SIM card swap, it seemed to have been fixed; I was wrong. I performed another factory reset, and attempted to make phone calls before installing any apps, to make sure that none of them were causing the issue. Now the phone seemed to be worse, before it would only restart if I hung up from a call, and then called someone else; now, it restarts when the screen says dialing, regardless of who I'm calling, when I'm calling them, or where I am. I called customer service again and explained to them what was happening, and now I'm waiting for my second Mytouch Slide. I really hope my newly-refurbished Mytouch Slide has no phone call issues, camera issues or build quality concerns...


    So I received my second Slide, and although this one allowed me to make phone calls just fine, the screen keeps rolling upwards. The upward rolling screen problem began about 3 days after I received the phone. I tried factory resets, etc. etc. and nothing worked. T-Mobile and I performed another phone swap, and I received my THIRD Slide...This phone makes phone calls fine, the screen isn't running away from me and when I slide the screen up it isn't lopsided, which was another problem with the first two phones. One problem with my third slide, is that it is the old keyboard design, and the keys seem really stiff. However, I am quite tired of running around to UPS stores for T-Mobile, and I'm just going to stick with the old keyboard design and stiff keys since everything else works; perhaps my fingers will get stronger or the keys will loosen up a bit over time. I probably would exchange his phone too, but after the two Samsung Behold IIs I had on my account, and the Slide dilemma, I pretty much am fed up with exchanging phones with T-Mobile.
  25. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Member

    Good luck,i had 4,g2 now after complaining.

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