Help Problems with One X (Bluetooth, GPS apps, Crashing)


I've upgraded from my Desire to a One X on T-Mobile in the UK, and it's got the potential to be a great phone but I'm having a number of problems.

Firstly I use ActiveSync for work email, which requires me to encrypt the storage which seems to make the phone crash on an almost daily basis.

Secondly I factory reset the phone last night and I'm slowly reinstalling apps, but now I can't get bluetooth to work ?

Finally I can't seem to get any GPS apps working. Google Maps works fine, as does the 'GPS Status and Toolbox' app. However I can't get Runkeeper, cardio trainer or Golf Pad GPS to fix a location.

I've had a search here and on Google, but can't find anyone else having GPS apps or Encryption problems.

Would really appreciate any help with these, as this is really stopping me enjoy the phone



I'll say what I said on another thread :)
I've been in contact with HTC and have addressed the issues that I and other people have been having. The rep. is forwarding it to developers and higher authority so they can roll out updates as soon as possible. Whenever a new version of Android comes out, there are numerous bugs that somehow made it past the testing stage. They are, however, very good at listening and I'm sure will bring out updates to fix our problems.
The One X is a spectacular phone and I'm being patient with it in the hope things are solved, I'd strongly urge you to aswell. I'm sure we won't regret it.
Hope this helps