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Problems with Secure Folder notifications

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sara222, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. Sara222

    Sara222 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I have FB messenger in two spots. One in Secure Folder for work and another for family. The problem is I'm no longer receiving notifications for my work messages in Secure Folder. If I've unlocked it yes, but not useful in my case as I lock it so kids or cats don't cause chaos playing with my phone. Help! I've done all I know to do to receive them outside of Secure Folder. It seemed to work a few months ago but has since updated.

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  2. Sara222

    Sara222 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Also I do receive other notifications from apps in Secure Folder. Just not from FB Messenger. So thinking it's app related. 🤔

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