problems with sms-mms direct to email and aim to text msg


I posted in guest questions but figured this is a better place to post.

Im using my brothers old HTC Inspire 4G (ATT branded) that I started using when I switched to MetroPCS 3 weeks ago, but Ive been having a few issues. My Previous phone was an LG Shine. (yes, very old)

1- Could receive a picture msg but not send one. Standard txt msgs were fine. (Fixed with updated APN setting from the operator)
2- Not able to initiate a sms or mms direct to email. I can reply to an email when they send it to (number) but I cant send one direct from my number.
3- Cant receive messages from aim or yahoo messenger. Normally if sent to my user name, I had it set to redirect to my number as a text.

Number 3 is my biggest issue. I have a girlfriend and family that go to mexico often and they communicate often by logging in to their aim or yahoo accounts and typing in my phone number.

I know that 3 is something that works since my brother is also on Metropcs on the lowest plan $40 with no additional options. He is using a Samsung SCH -R350. I logged into my aim and yahoo account and sent him a text straight to his phone number. It worked flawlessly.

I know I can add the apps but I like that it can redirect to my number if im not logged on and don't want to keep the app open. They can reach me by entering my number or if they use my user name, it would redirect everything. Issue number 2 works with him as well. He can send a message to my email without me having to send him a message first.

Any help would be amazing

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I know this is not helpful for your problem, I hope that can be answered I don't use those features so no help there.

As to the phone your using. with att frequencies your not going to get the faster speeds I would be surprised if you dont see E instead of 3G or H or 4G. Unless your in a refarmed area then you may get better results. but it will still be slower. You may want to find an old t mobile phone.