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Problems with SugarSync

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RobDickson, Oct 24, 2010.

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    I used the SugarSync app instead of the DropBox app, because I read that it allows me to specify specific directories, but DropBox doesn't. Although it does let me specify a particular directory, it doesn't actually work very well. I raised this with SugarSync support during the week, but haven't had a full reply yet. I was just wondering what people on this forum thought, in case I'm missing something obvious.

    Firstly, it seems to mainly be designed to back-up pictures. When I start the app after I've taken some new pictures, it asks whether I want to back-up the pictures. This doesn't extend to videos, so I've added my pictures/video directory to SugarSync, but can't turn off the reminder about pictures. I've clicked on "Not ever", but this only stops it asking about those specific pictures, it doesn't stop it asking for future new pictures.

    I synchronised my photos and videos folder, and all the files synchronised to SugarSync's servers. I checked using the web interface, and they all seemed OK. About a week later, I checked again. The 8 videos were missing, but there seemed to be duplicates of 8 of the pictures. These 8 duplicates didn't have any thumbnail icons in the web interface and they didn't link to the 8 videos.

    I copied all my pictures and videos from the phone to my PC via USB, and deleted them from the phone. Next time I sychronised, SugarSync started downloading the pictures and videos (despite the videos not being available in the web interface). Surely if I've deleted the files from my phone, they should be deleted from SugarSync's servers, not re-downloaded. If I wanted to download the files again, I would have chosen to download them, not synchronise them.

    Why doesn't the SugarSync app automatically synchronise the directories that I've specified when I open the app in the same way that it tries to synchronise my pictures?

    Why can't I set a schedule for synchronisation? For example, SugarSync should automatically synchronise the folders that I've listed in the app at 03:00 every day. It would also me useful if it had an "only over wi-fi" option.

    Why isn't there an option to synchronise all listed directories? As it is at the moment, I need to manually synchronise each directory separately.

    Finally, when I added a directory to the list in SugarSync, it failed to synchronise. I closed down the app, opened it again, and synchronised the folder. I now have two copies of each file in the directory - one copy of the file, and one copy that's "pending". Surely, SugarSync should get rid of the pending ones.

    I'm sorry this sounds like a rant. I actually quite like the SugarSync app, I just don't think it has enough features, and some things don't seem quite right.

    Are some of these features included, and I'm just being stupid?

    Edit: Also, it caches thumbnails of the pictures. From what I can tell, it's not possible to turn this feature off, and when I select "Clear Cache" from within SugarSync, it doesn't delete the cached pictures.



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