problems with the new update


May 26, 2010
i am having few problmes with the new update

1. my normal weather widget(the one attached to the clock) keeps force closing, if i try to open it through the clock, app or the desk clock. it keeps updating, like it keeps up with the weather but i cant get into it.

2. my browser has been testy since the update, initially i was having problems with the keyboard even showing up, now my browser cant decide when it wants to stay open, like not that it force closes or anything it just turns off and goes back to the main screen, and like i can hit menu to bring up the menu to navigate and i don't know if i am hitting the home button but i don't think i am, but it closes the browser and goes back to the main screen.

i think i have other problmes but that is all i can think of that are really a pain right now.

any help would be greatly appericiated(btw i have an eris)
I am having the exact same issues and I've tried rebooting to see if it would help... it doesn't. I'm also having issues with facebook syncing my contacts. It only syncs friends with first names starting with an A or B then can't find the rest. I've had the common error code "" associated with the native application trying to update/sync. Any suggestions?
I do not have the above issues, but recently my weather widget no longer updates my city location... not sure what is causing this.... weather info seems accurate.