Professional chauffeur seeks resources


My name is C. Hunter Thorne, you may call me Thrashbear, the heavy metal teddy bear \m/

I just got an HTC Evo V from Virgin Mobile, replacing an 18-month-old LG Optimus. So while I'm no stranger to casual Android use in general, most of the finer points escape me. I'm not technically oriented so typically need a lot of handholding to accomplish my tasks in this realm. In my dreams, I envision adding a tablet like a Galaxy Note or Google Nexus for easier operations while on the road, but for now my HTC is a good start.

I joined this forum to help maximize my potential in my new career as a professional chauffeur in Pittsburgh. This includes tools and apps I need in order to execute my duties to their fullest effectiveness and efficiency. I rely on these resources to keep abreast of flights, maintain contact with dispatch, traffic, navigation (not to mention entertain a bored driver while between runs); anything I can use to get an edge and keep our clients happy.

I am not "married" to VM, but they have served me well so far. I very nearly made the jump to Verizon, but the initial investment was too high. I'll stick with what I have for now and see how it works.

I have some needs, goals, and ideas not just for myself but for my fellow drivers and the company I work for, so I'll be here frequently bothering the lot of yinz with my inane questions. All hail and skul from Steeler country!


Hello, Thrashbear. :ciao:

Thanks for signing up here @ Android Forums. It's a pleasure to meet you.

You can find some cool information and tips on this phone inside here as well as get to interact with other users of this device.

I hope you'll find our community helpful and insightful.
Have a good one.


Android Expert
Hello and welcome to the forums.
Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.
Hopefully we can help you find the info you may seek here ;)
Thanks for joining,