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program lock (Pics,Videos)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Blackrad11, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Blackrad11

    Blackrad11 Member
    Thread Starter

    i would like it if some one would tell me of an app that will lock with a password my pics/videos some phones come with this but i don't believe the DI dose so if some one could help that would be great!!!

  2. Blackrad11

    Blackrad11 Member
    Thread Starter

    eny app out there like this ?
  3. alecks2217

    alecks2217 Newbie

    "App Protector" might work for you. You can add any apps you want to be password protected. I especially like that it can use an unlock code too. Of course you would have to lock the camera apps completely to go this route.

    If it's only a few pics you want to hide try moving them to a new folder with a ".nomedia" file in it. Doing this will hide the images from your gallery. You can then access the images in a file manager like astro or something. If you're paranoid you can then use app protector for astro and all the possible work arounds (market, any task killers, etc.).

    I'm sure these aren't the only solutions but hopefully these are decent options for you.
  4. alecks2217

    alecks2217 Newbie

    Edit: Said I had to wait 15 second between posts when I submitted..then posted twice. I guess I'm a noob. :cool:
  5. dodgethis1

    dodgethis1 Newbie

    Try photo safe and video safe. Both are free to try and only $1 to buy. I use both of them and have had no problems.

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