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Project Emerald vs EVO 4g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ilaofficial, May 12, 2010.

  1. ilaofficial

    ilaofficial Member
    Thread Starter

    Looks like T-mobile is going to strike hard and quick with Project Emerald...I wonder which phone they will release if it's the Desire I'm done and the EVO has my money if it's the Samsung Galaxy S then it's going to be really tough to choose either or...

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  2. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    I don't know about the "quick" part...I wouldn't expect this phone for at least another ~6 months. Will be interesting to see where it ends up. No phone is ever King for long.
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    Still going to be on TMo's network, which is the liability for now. HSDPA+ is still 3G tech and significantly impacted by number of simultaneous users and still has data caps so a device alone won't do much.

    If Sprint leaves 4G data unlimited, the carriers still using 3G won't be able to market against it even though Wimax is limited. They'd have to raise or drop data caps, and I don't think 1) 3G networks could handle a spike in traffic and 3) any carrier is willing to let that potential $ cow go.
  4. ilaofficial

    ilaofficial Member
    Thread Starter

    I have used HSDPA on my Nexus One it's pretty fast but I want the EVO 4g I love HTC's phones. Don't know too much about Samsung and having to root it. The only issue I will wait for is the pricing.
  5. march7th

    march7th Newbie

    HSDPA+ and WiMax are both 3G technologies. WiMax is not certified 4G and neither is LTE for that matter. Also HSDPA+ is actually faster than Wimax.
  6. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    True about 4G technical definition, but undoubtedly HSDPA+ is more susceptible to slowdowns due to # of users. I don't think HSDPA+ offered long-term speed and reliability or certainly others would have gone that route since it's cheaper and faster to have brought to market.
  7. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Member

    Well said.
    HTC Evo is unbelievable good device but enough with the whole 4G propaganda. WiMAX has nothing to do with 4G.
  8. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    "Certified" Lol. This really makes me LOL. HSDPA+ Is not faster than WiMax... lol...

    Since when did everyone become engineers? Wow didn't know this was a forum of wireless specialists! WiMax is 4G. Get over it.
  9. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Member

    WiMAX is the first Wifi technology officially certified as 3G. (its a old article but if you google it you can find more recent ones :))
    HSPA+ is faster than WiMAX you do not need to be engineer when you get 7Mbps download on T-Mobile HSPA+ network and 4Mbps download on WiMAX, to understand which one is faster.

    In fact WiMAX is not even a cellular technology. Think about it as Wifi hotspot designed to cover large cities with a little faster speeds.

    Lool as much as you want but the above are true facts and pure reality.

    I personally expect AT&T and Verizon to start "attacking/funny advertising" against Sprint when their true 4G LTE networks are on. (Similar to "Droid does" ads)

    4G and WiMAX is a term that only exist in the imagination and the false advertising propaganda of Sprint. ;)
  10. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Perhaps you should read on LTE as well. They are VERY similiar technologies. LTE hasn't reached real world speeds of 4G yet, either. Learn to read, and research. Seriously. WiMax has much higher potential than HSDPA+, and show me some real world speeds that top WiMax, real world. Keep in mind WiMax has yet to be refined, and WiMax2 is a whole new ball game.

    Also, WiMax can handle a much higher load than HSDPA+ without sacrificing performance.

    Also, upload speeds are much worse on HSDPA+ than on WiMax
  11. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    Funny, on the day the Evo is about to break, TMobile is all, "uhhmmm...we'be got, like, this CRAZY cool thing, the Emerald, but it's so cool we can't even talk about it.

    And the second "accidental" iPhone 4g is outted, "accidentally"...again; this time, in video...in Vietnam.

    I see jealousy! Trying to take away the thunder. I almost balked at buying the Evo, right now, wondering what is around the corner. It's always something. But not this time, not now. Or, more accurately, not for now.

    By Christmas, everyone might have caught up. But for now, this is big, and this is the jump in technology is that is going to make me jump, NOW!

    where the hell is that pre order link?
  12. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Android Expert

    Totally false. You want to see real world speeds? See this thread:

    It's all spelled out pretty clearly, and source links are posted. T-Mobile's HSPA+ IS faster than Sprint's Wimax, and T-Mobile has stated that when they release their HSPA+ device this year their HSPA+ will be 3 times faster than Sprint's Wimax.
  13. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    That's just blatantly false/rigged, or was sitting on top of a tower. My grandfather has an HD2, as well as a friend of mine. I personally speedtested both, and it doesn't get any higher than 1.2 MBPS, that was the MAX. And uplink speeds... terrible.

    And realistically, when WiMax get's it's upgrade:

    Clear/Sprint is planning on deploying this, starting 2011. And it's backwards compatible, just like HSDPA.

    Also, with current handsets, you won't notice a difference with speeds 3+MBPS, yet. What you will notice is a change in LATENCY, and UPSTREAM, which WiMax is superior to HSDPA+ in both categories, which is better for video calling, gaming, streaming media, tethering, etc.

    WiMax2 - Engadget

    -Oddly enough, our very own ( I think ) MRQS is the first to comment on this article.. lol
  14. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Android Expert

    Where did you do those speed tests? Obviously not in an HSPA+ area.

    Yes, check mate is right- as in T-Mobile's HSPA+ is proven to be faster than Sprint's Wimax. Read the link. They were tested side by side with Wimax losing. And T-Mobile execs made public comments about it being 3 times faster.

    WHEN Wimax gets it's upgrade, then come back and we can revisit what is faster AT THAT TIME. But right now, T-Mobile's HSPA+ is faster, both upload and download. Period. And there are links with credible sources proving it in that post I linked to, and even a video for you to see an actual speed test.
  15. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Chicago, it is a HSDPA+ market. And wireless tests can easily be faked.... I don't trust speed tests until I see it with my own two.

    And with this Walmart WiMax deal ... coverage is going to explode.

    WiMax has backing by quite a few powerhouse's, while LTE (in the states) only has a few.

    That's not including walmart and a few other major players. In the States, at the time being, HSDPA+ and LTE are simply out-gunned, investment-wise.

    And just double - Checked, on tmobiles own website. It says I'm in the "very fast mobile web" coverage. This would be where the network being bogged down comes into play.
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  16. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Android Expert

    There is no Walmart Wimax deal, that was just a rumor that never came to fruition.

    Wimax may have some backing, but it is nothing compared ot the backing LTE has all over the world. Heck, even Clear and Intel just changed their deal to allow them both to bail on Wimax in the future and convert to LTE. Clear has been saying all along that they will probably change to LTE in the future.

    You're just crazy man, lol, that is all there is too it. In that thread I linked to, you can clearly see a T-Mobile exec claiming their HSPA+ is 3 times faster than Sprint's Wimax, you can see PC Mag testing both networks, side by side, and concluding that T-Mobile's was faster, and you can see a video of Pocket Now running a speed test on an HD2 and getting way better speeds than Sprint advertises their Wimax at.

    This is just not even debatable man, lol.

    By the way, Verizon has LTE up and running in Boston right now.
  17. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Network Congestion Ever hear of ATT?

    WiMax is much cheaper to be deployed than LTE, so it may deploy alot faster than verizon LTE.

    And I wouldn't calll testing 10 towers or so up and running...

    When I visit my family I'll run a speed test on the HD2 on camera.

    LTE backing across the globe has nothing to do with the United States. That is all I care about, and that is the only place I'm going to use my phone/data card etc.

    Now will clearwire change to LTE in the future? Possibly, even more than likely. But WiMax has it's place as well. These technologies can co-exist, and why everyone chose LTE is beyond me, WiMax, and more importantly WiMax2, is clearly a superior option. Less cost for deployment, same speeds.
  18. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Android Expert

    I'm not sure if I should even bother responding to you or not. I apologize in advance if I have a bad impression of you, but so far you are coming across to me as a Sprint fanboy who has no idea what he is talking about- only ranting about Sprint being the best in every imaginable way, with no facts to back it up.

    As for your ATT question- yes, of course I have heard of them. I have even had several AT&T phones over the years (up until October, when I left AT&T for Sprint because their Touch Pro 2 was released while AT&T was dragging it's feet, and Sprint's plans were cheaper- especially with AT&T's new data plan requirements). And I can tell you right now, their 3G is WAY better than Sprint's (at least where I was using it). Here is an independent test done on all of the big carriers' 3G in the USA:
    AT&T Roars Back in PCWorld?s Second 3G Wireless Performance Test - PCWorld
    Notice AT&T sitting at the top?

    Notice they don't test T-Mobile's HSPA+ or Sprint's Wimax because it wouldn't be fair to the 3G on Verizon and AT&T. So out of the 3G options, AT&T was the best.

    They DID test T-Mobile's HSPA+ and Sprint's Wimax here though:
    WiMAX vs. HSPA+: The Hands-On Test - WiMAX vs. HSPA+ Roundup | PCMag.com
    Notice T-Mobile's HSPA+ came out on top.

    Please, get your research done before you post that kind of stuff.

    I am not a Sprint hater, by the way. I have Sprint right now, and have used Sprint off and on for many years. I follow the best phones. Whoever has the best phone, I go with them. If 2 carriers have a phone I want, then I look for the cheaper option with that phone. I have no loyalty to any carrier, and the only company you could say I was a fanboy of is HTC (as most of the best phones over the years, to me, always seem to be made by HTC). I have used many carriers over the years and my opinions come from not only lots of experience, but also research and proven facts. It's not just some fanboy rant trying to convince everyone that my favorite carrier is the best. And I would hope that if you engage in discussion that compares carriers, you would also leave the fanboy rants at the door.
  19. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    I've used all the carriers as well. And it's about time ATT did something about their atrocity known as a 3G network. But it's kind of too little too late IMO. Hell the ONLY reason they are making the improvements is because of pressure from apple, no doubt.

    And right in that article, shows HSPA+ isn't any better than WiMax in it's current form.

    Wimax achieves those same speeds, with better peaks.

    And here's the big downfall of T-Mobiles HSPA+ vs WiMax

    Your own article just proved you wrong... lol...


    One of the comments from the article:

    Combine that with WiMax2, that mean better speed, more capacity per tower, faster deployment, and more range. That all adds up to a powerhouse.
  20. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    very interesting reads, guys
  21. ilaofficial

    ilaofficial Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I pre-ordered the EVO but only did it because I have to see what T-mobile brings out if it's dope then I'm going to get my money back from best buy. T-mobile dosen't charge for the HSDPA currently and the Galaxy S is pretty awesome.
  22. chrisinsocalif

    chrisinsocalif Well-Known Member

    Reply to IOWA
    No, I am sorry. That is not correct IOWA.
    T-mobiles HSPA+ is faster than Wimax at its current state
    Wimax: "average of 2.25 megabits down and 628 kilobits up, with peaks of 5.13 down and 1.17 up."
    HSPA+: "average download speeds of 3.12 megabits/sec, with peaks of 7.65, and upload speeds of 1.26 megabits/sec with a peak of 2.02."

    We are directly comparing current technology of WiMax from Sprint to T-mobile's HSPA+(not WiMax2 or future upgrades)
    If you compare the two directly today, HSPA+ is faster based on testing from numerous sources. You can argue that WiMax has a bigger upgrade path and potential for more bandwidth, which is correct. HSPA+ is said to be at the end of its life where WiMax is just begining and has the potential to be faster in the future. As it stands today, HSPA+ is currently the faster network, but based on the variables you have mentioned on the drawbacks of HSPA+, the tables can easily be turned in the future to make WiMax the speed winner.

    It will be interesting to see how far the can stretch the HSPA+ technology since it currently has a theoretical speed of 21 Mbps, but they are testing networks for 42 Mbps and even 84 Mbps(compared to Wimax Theoretical speed of 70 Mbps).
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  23. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Lol i love your imaginary "numerous sources"
  24. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

    so i guess that project emerald thing will be crawling at blazing speeds on EDGE in my area...
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  25. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Android Expert

    It all depends on where you are. T-Mobile has said they will have HSPA+ network wide by the end of the year.

    I bought the Evo on launch day and have no 4G in my area, so it all depends on where you are...

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