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Project Fi Experience

Discussion in 'Android Carriers' started by eccentricson, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Sep 28, 2017

    Sep 28, 2017
    I had Project Fi for a few months when I lived in Arizona, and it was a great service to begin with. I moved to Portland, and the service became subpar. When I travel up to Seattle, I would have the same experience as Portland. It was really a bizarre issue, I couldn't hear the other person but they could hear me loud and clear. I tried removing some apps thinking they may be hindering my call quality, and I also contacted Project Fi support about it. Unfortunately, it was never fixed. But I wanted to explain my story with Customer Service at Project Fi.

    I initially called in, waited the 40 minutes to talk to a representative at 11PM PST. When they picked up, I explained my issue, explained what I had done to troubleshoot. They agreed that I covered their list of troubleshooting steps and then some, and they would escalate my case. My case was escalated to a specialist named "Billy". After his first email of "I'm working on your case", I never received another response from him. I called in to get a status on Billy's case, and the rep who answered had decided she would send out a new SIM card for me to try. This is about 2 days after Billy's response of "I'm working on your case". The SIM card was ordered on Friday, I waited until Tuesday and checked the shipping; the SIM card was never shipped. Not exactly sure what happened, but it never moved. Meanwhile, the tech had asked me to do a series of 6 phone calls, 2 on wifi, 2 on T-Mobile, 2 on Sprint. After each set of calls, send a bug report, and a synopsis of the call quality, timestamp, etc. I did this on Friday night.

    On Monday, day 5, I still had no response from Billy or anybody else after I sent my further troubleshooting steps in. I had told Project Fi I was giving them until the end of day Monday to just RESPOND to my case. After the SIM card hadn't shown up, I called back to get an update. This representative was very..... Disrupted by my call, which started out very nice (it's not her fault I'm experiencing a lack of communication). But as she was getting more and more agitated with my issue, I started getting more and more upset. She ended up putting me on hold, to ask someone else who was on my case for a status. 7 minutes later, I boarded the light rail and had to hang up. She left me a voicemail "Sorry you couldn't wait long enough to hear the status, but we're still working on it.". This was on Tuesday. I emailed the COO of Fi on Tuesday night expressing my concerns and gave my ticket numbers. The next morning (Wednesday), I got the first email from Project Fi saying they're still working on my issue and to give them a few more days.

    Thursday morning (About midnight) I received an email from Project Fi asking me to complete a series of 12 phone calls and repeat what I did on Friday night. At this point, I've already spent over 4 hours on hold, on the phone, emailing, or troubleshooting this issue. I was not completing another series of phone calls, especially since I never got a response about the first set I sent through. Anything would have been nice "We received your data, and are sifting through it" would have been great, without me having to hound them for an update.

    At the end of the day, my ticket was open for 8 days, only 2 emails ever came from Project Fi. One asking for more troubleshooting steps, another asking for more time. Today, I ported my number from Project Fi back to Verizon for a reliable service. I don't know what is going on at Project Fi, but it appears they lack a major customer service trait: communication. I hope my review of Project Fi has helped if you were thinking about moving. Maybe try Republic Wireless. I didn't have the patience to try another service, so went back to Verizon, where I know my phone will work.


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