Apps Project ideas


Hello everyone.. I am planning to do a project based on android as part of my academics which will be evaluated by the university.. So I would be very happy if you suggest some ideas..

One project idea which i am thinking of is.. "Implementing the admin/guest features of a general operating system in android." The owner of the mobile can decide which features (like GPS,calling, messaging etc.) can be available to the guest. The guest by default will be logged in after 3 unsuccessful trials to log in using the admin pass (which i am planning to store using SQL lite). The advantage of having this feature is , in organizations where individuals are given company handsets there are many situations where in a foreign (not the owner of handset but works within the same org as the owner) user may face the necessity of using the actual owner's phone (in case the owner is not present in the vicinity) in placing an internal call (call within the organization ) or send emails or simply send a group sms ..

Waiting for your suggestions and reviews..